Yuzu Sushi & Sake Bar

Butter, was how Yuzu’s fantastic assortment of sashimi, nigri and sushi felt like in my mouth. This restaurant deserves a full 5 star review for its excellent service, friendly staff, calm atmosphere, nice decor and amazing food and plating presentation. It just has all the right things working together making one’s dining experience a delight.

Yuzu Toronto

Butter Fish

Starting with the butter fish (the name itself describes its taste), the fish is soft and fresh. The top is a bit burnt (guessing blow torch) to complement the soft texture from the fish and add some crunch to it. Topped with a cute looking potato-like chip, I felt like I was in heaven eating this piece of white goodness.

Deciding on the Chef’s Sushi Delux comprised of a lovely assortment of nigri and 6 pieces of sushi; the night was definitely taking shape in the form of yummy raw fish.

Yuzu Toronto

Chef’s Sushi Delux

From what I recall, we were served with a really great selection of squid, tuna belly, salmon, tuna, shrimp and scallop.

Yuzu Toronto

Chef’s Sushi Delux

The sushi was a traditional dynamite roll. But at Yuzu, there is nothing traditional about their sushi. Still with its own twist to it, the roll was tasty, savory and the rice was just done right.
Rice, is what I want to talk about now. I always thought rice in sushi or nigri was just a partner to fish, at times, to fill one’s belly faster if the raw fish was not enough. However, Yuzu taught me there is not such thing as just a “side” of rice. Their rice is one of their best, aside from the fish. Its perfectly cooked and seasoned, the grain is just the right texture and…its just like butter. Coming to think of it, I think part of the reason why this whole experience felt like butter to me was because of the rice itself. What a treat and an enjoyment to one’s meal. 
Last menu item, and one with which I had the most fun with, was the Yuzu Maki.
Yuzu Toronto

Yuzu Maki

The maki (aka sushi) comes with flames bursting off the side of the plate, serving as the searing avenue for the dish. The server waits until the flames have ceased and then proceeds to explain what the dish is about. Simply, a delicious concoction of shrimp tempura, spicy scallop, avocado and tobiko. The scallop is atop the maki which upon biting onto it, gives away the soft and buttery flavour of the scallop, then hits you with the spiciness and before it gets too spicy the rice and tempura from inside the maki come to calm it all away. What an unforgettable experience.
Until next time Foodies!
Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

Dining Experience: Dinner
Venue: Yuzu
Specialty: Japanese
Location: 236 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON
Menu items: Butter Fish, Yuzu Maki and Chef’s Sushi Delux


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    How beautiful! I just wish I was more patient and I had more of an eye for this kind of things. Great job and awesome pictures as usual!


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