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Cafe Polonez | Toronto

Cafe Polonez is my go-to-place when in need of some comfort food. I tend to visit this cute polish venue on cold winter days. Located in the heart of the Roncesvalles area in West Toronto; Cafe Polonez opens its doors to you with warm and hearty soups, a breadth of delicious potato and meat dishes and a selection of the best imported Polish beers.

It’s Friday night, after a long week of hard work, and my friends and I have decided it is time for some Polish…food I mean. As per the usual, we kick-off the night with our favourite beer, Warka (pronounced “Varka”).

Cafe Polonez | Toronto
I believe the reason why I like this beer so much it’s because it has a rather sweet taste to it. A medium to light beer, Warka wakens up your taste buds in preparation for what’s about to come…Pierogi.
Pierogi are boiled dumplings made out of unleavened dough, traditionally stuffed with potato and cheese, sauerkraut (a.k.a cabbage) or meat.


Cafe Polonez | Toronto

My Pierogi are usually stuffed with pork, accompanied by a mix of fried onions and bacon and topped off with sour cream. I must clarify before we move any further, most Polish dishes come with sour cream as the side dipping sauce and everything on their menu just goes with it. Hello fatty acids, my hips have missed you!

Next up, the famous Hungarian Style Potato Pancakes with Goulash.

Cafe Polonez | Toronto

Now, this is where I get my dose of comfort food. After indulging in a tasty drink and even tastier set of dumplings, I am ready to sink my teeth on this dish. The Hungarian Style Potato Pancakes is a staple in Poland and a specialty at Cafe Polonez. Having traveled to Poland a few years ago, I can attest that this potato pancake is just as good as the ones you get in Poland. The dish comes with a quite enjoyable coleslaw and boiled carrots and beets. I usually skip on the latter and just concentrate on the slaw and of course, the goulash stuffed pancake.

Until next time Foodies!


Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.


Dining Experience: Dinner
Venue: Café Polonez
Specialty: Polish
Location: 195 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON
Menu items: Meat Pierogi, Hungarian Style Potato Pancake with goulash & a Warka

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