Tutti Matti in Toronto

I’m matti about Tutti Matti and everybody’s crazy about it too. A cute and somewhat hidden Tuscan inspired restaurant located in the Fashion district, has created a name for itself by offering some unique and exquisite Tuscan dishes. In addition to having a rather unique name, that as you may have already caught onto translates to English as “Everybody’s Crazy”, it welcomes the downtown crowds with fresh home-made pastas, breads and daily dessert menus that will make you go matti. Fagottini is the dish we decided on to kick-off our work week lunch.

Tutti Matti | Toronto


Traditionally, Fagottini is an Italian pasta shaped in squares and filled with vegetables, steamed carrots, green beans, ricotta, onion and olive oil. However, Tutti Matti decided to spin this tradition by making a phyllo style pastry using chickpea flower and stuffing it with apples, pears, leeks, three kinds of cheese, hazelnuts, radicchio and truffle honey. Although Tutti Matti deviated from the traditional way of making Fagottini, they did stick to the region’s use of truffles (Tuscany is know for growing unique truffles that are used in most pasta and risotto dishes) making this dish a delicacy and a must-have.

Skipping primi and going straight into secondi, we ventured off with the Duck Pappardelle.

Tutti Matti | Toronto

Duck Pappardelle

Pappardelle is a flat homemade noodle that is often served with rich sauces such as hare, wild boar or duck and can be found on most menus in the Tuscan region. The Duck Pappardelle was a daily special that we just had to try and it did not disappoint. The fact that Tutti Matti makes its pasta right on the premises speaks volumes, not only of the restaurant, but also of the taste of the pasta itself. It was fresh, eggy, full of taste and al dente, just how I like my pasta. The rest were just toppings. Ok, the duck was good too, but I am sticking to the noodles on this review. My absolute favourite.
My dolci does not need an intro. 


Tutti Matti | Toronto

Bacio Chocolate and Banana Lava Cake

All I have to say its that you have to try Tutti Matti’s daily dessert offerings. I had their warm Bacio Chocolate and Banana Lava Cake, topped with glazed bananas and accompanied by a home-made banana ice-cream. The perfect way to end my meal.
And if that was not enough, a spoon into the cake had me drooling yet again. Its centre was not only soft, warm and sweet, but it also had little pieces of banana making it ooey-gooey delicious.
Tutti Matti | Toronto

Yummy inside of Lava Cake

Until next time Foodies!
Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.


Dining Experience: Lunch
Venue: Tutti Matti
Specialty:Italian Tuscan cuisine
Location: 364 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON
Menu items: Fagottini, Duck Pappardelle & Warm Bacio and Banana Lava Cake

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