The Queen and Beaver Public House

The Queen and Beaver

It’s been a while since I last posted about my burger quest journey. For the longest time, I’ve been eating and reviewing some of the top spots for burgers in Toronto, finding absolute favourites like Burger’s Priest, The Yellow Griffin Pub and gourmet spots like Marben.

Most recently, I came across The Queen and Beaver Public House, a Toronto downtown Gastropub that is allegedly known as one of the first Gastropubs that surfaced in this city. From the outside, it looks like a typical British pub serving to the undergraduate crowds. One quick look inside however takes the experience to a whole new level where folks of all ages come for a bite, a pint and a good time.

Executive Chef, Andrew Carter, has taken classic British dishes that have stood the test of time and added his expertise and love of food to create what is now a distinctive pub fare in the city of Toronto. Menu items like the Hand Chopped Burger and Chips are a perfect representation of a timeless pub staple.

The Queen and Beaver

The meat patty is made with AAA Canadian sirloin beef and is grounded on the premises and seasoned with spices and, though not 100% confirmed, word has it is also seasoned with bone marrow. It sort of explains why the flavour is so rich and the meat has such a chunky consistency. The bun on the other hand is a sesame seed bun that’s made fresh and holds up under the weight of the meaty burger. Chef Carter takes a minimalist approach on this burger, serving it only with the bacon, cheese and house-made ketchup. The rest is up to our taste buds.

The Queen and Beaver

If beef is not your thing, worry not. The Queen and Beaver does not leave anybody behind, also serving one of Britain’s most famous culinary export – Fish and Chips. Accompanied with home-made tartare, grilled lemon and hand cut chips, the fish and chips add the “gastro” in “pub” at this local spot. The fresh deep fried fish is slightly flaky, with a non-greasy but crispy batter, while the chips are seasoned just right, cooked just fine, complementing the fried fish quite perfectly.

The Queen and Beaver

And what would be of Gastropubs without a great pint or a blonde? The Queen and Beaver knows one does not go without the other, showcasing a local and international selection of beers and ciders. A bold recommendation from the waitress led me to try the Beau’s All Natural Lug Tread lagered Ale. All 600 ml of this blonde have never paired so well with the Queen’s pub fare.

The Queen and Beaver

Until next time Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

Dining Experience: Lunch
Venue: The Queen and Beaver
Specialty: Pub fare
Location: 35 Elm Street, Toronto, Ontario
Menu Items: Hand Chopped Burger, Chips and Fish Chips & Beau’s All Natural Lug Tread

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