The Chickery

The Chickery | Toronto Restaurant

Roosters, bar-style communal tables and stools and a lot of frying and roasting happening in the kitchen, are the first few things you notice when you come to chef David Adjey’s Chickery in the Fashion district in Toronto. Yes, the man behind the famous Food Network Canada show, the Opener, opened his own fast-food chicken joint over two years ago on Spadina Avenue. Offering lovers of all things chicken an alternative to traditional fast food spots, chef Adjey is serving a mean chicken and even meaner sides!

The Chickery | Toronto Restaurant

What you also notice, asides from the tall man covered in tattoos, walking behind the counter checking on his food, is the quality of the meat, sauces and salads that are outputted daily for lunch and dinner time. Serving only organic chicken that is humanely raised, water chilled, never frozen, without added water or preservatives, creating home-made sauces from scratch and serving salads with fresh ingredients, The Chickery puts a new spin to good ol’ fast food.

The Chickery | Toronto Restaurant

Chicken feathers is what Chef Adjey called the great tasting strips of chicken that are lightly coated in batter and spices and served with an option of 3 of his home-made sauces: Chickery sauce, smokey ancho bbq and buttermilk ranch. The deep fried coating on the chicken is light and firm while the chicken is super moist and juicy. The secret to the crunchy and airy fried goodness, as the chef revealed to me, is letting the chicken dry for a little bit after dunking it in the batter and flour, before it goes in the fryer, therefore allowing for the batter to stick to the chicken and keep the meat flavour pocketed in, as he puts it. Brilliant!

The Chickery | Toronto Restaurant

As an alternative to it’s fried version, chef Adjey is proud of it’s roasted chicken dish. Hundreds of chickens are roasted daily in his restaurant and coated in a secret spice mix (over 18 spices blended together) and then put in the wonderful roasting machine, for over 2 hours. Once again, achieving a delicious, tasty and juicy piece of meat.

The Chickery | Toronto Restaurant

If all there was to The Chickery was chicken, then it wouldn’t be a complete meal experience, and chef Adjey knows that. So much so, that he decided to add even more comfort to his dishes with delectable sides, one of them being the ooey-gooey mac & cheese, coated with breadcrumbs and spices, then oven-baked to perfection. Simply delicious.

Word has it, The Chickery is expanding to new locations across Toronto and the GTA, and even the Middle-East, so stay tuned for a location near you!

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Venue: The Chickery
Specialty: Fried Chicken
Location: 130 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Menu items: Roasted rotisserie chicken, chicken feathers, chino salad and mac & cheese

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