Smoque N’ Bones

What would you attempt to barbecue if you knew you could not fail? Don’t answer. Better yet, don’t even try! Leave it to the experts at Smoque N’ Bones to smoke your reasoning away and ignite your BBQ senses.

Cornbread spread with apple butter, pork side ribs with a dry rub and spicy hot wings are just a few of the smoking hot items at Smoque N’ Bones. The recently opened BBQ spot in the Trinity Bellwoods area in Toronto, has been bringing to the great white north a side of southern hospitality that is sure to remind us why, when it comes to smoking meats, we ought to leave it to the experts.

Upon entering Smoque N’ Bones, I realize this is no amateur spot. The place is small, homey and lively. Chefs and cooks move around in the small kitchen/bar area and create concoctions that make me salivate. The bar though small, has a selection of drinks and bourbons I can only long to taste. Samuel Adams on tap, Boston Lager to be exact, is the first thing I order. When indulging in a BBQ, there is often no room for anything else but beer, and great beer nonetheless.

The waitress, friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming, proceeds to explain what they are all about and recommends a few of her favourite menu items. Immediately after, corn bread arrives at our table with a side of homemade apple butter. Hello buttery pockets of goodness, these hips have missed you!

A little while after, I am greeted with the pork side ribs that are dried-rubbed with special spices. All I smell and taste is that smokiness effervescing off the rib meat. Sleeves up, hair up, I dig in. Moist and tender pieces of meat fall apart as I try and taste. Six bones later, another round of the Samuel Adams lager and I am ready for the next dish.

A mac & cheese with a side of brisket makes it to our table. I have to switch to a fork? No problem! Consider it done. The baked pasta dish is super creamy – not dry like some mac and cheese can get. It’s cheesy. Very cheesy. It’s rich, ooey, gooey, and, yeah – in my humble opinion – one of the best in the Tdot.

Back to hand-eating. The chicken wings tossed in a crazy hot sauce with blue cheese dip are in. My lips, after a few bites, are “lipstick orange”. This is how I know the wings are good. Nothing more beautiful than showing off proudly that you love your chicken wings. The drumstick meat is super tender and the skin slightly crispy, but not heavily breaded. A perfect pairing to my beer selection for the night. Four wings in and it’s time to reach for a napkin, and possibly a new pair of pants.

But then, there is always room for dessert, and this dessert is nothing short of fantastic. A bread pudding bathed in a bourbon caramel sauce puts a new lipstick shade on my lips. The bread pudding is good. But bread pudding covered in some sort of alcoholic sauce is really good. Kudos to Smoque N’ Bones for putting together an end-to-end menu that is lip-licking good.

Until next time Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

All photography is courtesy of Jeffrey Chan Photography.

Dining Experience: Dinner
Venue: Smoque N’ Bones
Specialty: BBQ
Location: 869 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario
Menu Items: Samuel Adams on tap, Cornbread, Pork Side Ribs, Mac & Cheese with Brisket, Chicken Wings and Bread Pudding

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