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Check out Jess’ review on Saku Sushi on Queen West in Toronto and her unique views on all-things sushi!

Downtown Toronto has no shortage of sushi. From the all-you-can eat restaurants lining Queen West, to authentic hole-in-the-wall Japango, to trendy hotspots like Miku and JaBistro.

In a sea of options Saku Sushi is a standout: a hip new(ish) spot on Queen West that strikes the rare balance between authentic and cool.

Saku Bar | Sushi Restaurants | Toronto

Walking into the restaurant, it’s clear that this will not be a typical sushi experience. The purple backlit bar lining Saku’s entryway sets a cool, relaxed mood and has us thirsty for cocktails. We’re escorted to our booth and settle in. Within moments, our waiter swings by with green tea and introduces the menu.

Saku’s menu is a mix of set dinners, tapas and a la carte; with options ranging from traditional sushi and sashimi, to Aburi (West Coast style blowtorched nigiri), to creative fusion tapas ranging from Korean-style bibimbap to ceviche. A full menu page is dedicated to Saku’s special rolls: massive maki offerings with special sauces.

Saku Sushi Toronto

Armed with hot Sake, we start our experience with the Saku Ceviche. Unlike the citrus acidity typical of traditional Spanish ceviche, Saku uses a light, tangy mango sauce to compliment generous cuts of salmon and tuna sashimi. Big chunks of mango and avocado help balance the dish and add to the already generous portion size.

Next up: Chef’s Half Sashimi. Saku’s picks for this dish rotate daily based on what’s freshest. That night’s platter offered classic sashimi mixed with the unexpected surprise of Tuna Tatiki, lightly seared yellowfin ahi tuna that’s easily one the best from the dish. The presentation on ice, while beautiful, takes the thick-cut sashimi slightly below ideal temperature.

Saku Sushi Toronto

Our next course is Rainbow Star Pressed Sushi: eight pieces of mixed fish pressed Nigiri  (more traditionally known as Oshizushi). Each piece is lightly dressed in sauce and decorated with wispy greens, citrus and fish roe. The texture is surprisingly less dense on the palate than the name of the dish would suggest, and delicious to the last bite.

Our last dish is the Ocean Dream Roll: a tuna, cucumber and avocado interior draped with salmon, more cucumber and Unagi and mango sauces. The roll is bit too heavy on the avocado, and the cucumber adds a much-needed crunch to this bite. Foodie tip: skip this one and go for the Lion King Roll instead.

Saku Sushi Toronto

Our last course – green tea ice cream – delightfully adorned with dribbles of chocolate and caramel and topped with a chocolate filled wafer, is the perfect end to this sushi experience.

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Dining Experience: Dinner
Venue: Saku Sushi
Specialty: Sushi
Location: 478 Queen St W, Toronto, ON
Menu Items: Saku Ceviche, Chef’s Half Sashimi, Rainbow Star Pressed Sushi, Ocean Dream Roll, Green Tea Ice Cream

Credit to: Jessica Balter, Advertising Executive & Food Enthusiast
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