Rock Lobster Food

Rock Lobster Food | Toronto

A new fish market has opened its doors to Torontonians, except this is no ordinary market. The newly opened restaurant by the same people that brought us their seafood delicacies at the Toronto Underground Market, have opened a second post in the city on the popular Queen West strip.

And when it comes to seafood, Rock Lobster Food means business. In early 2011, Matt Pettit started Rock Lobster Food Co., which is Canada’s first Lobster centric food company. RLFC specializes in showcasing lobster and making it more accessible for Canadians to eat on a more regular basis. What started as a small pop up company has quickly become a staple of the Toronto food community.

Rock Lobster Food | Toronto

Seafood is definitely a staple that always hits home with me. Rock Lobster Food is one of those unique places where one can indulge in all things seafood, no matter the time of day or season. The place is eclectic and is filled with a market atmosphere that screams loud, crowded and yet cozy.

The food and drinks are nothing short of perfect. If visiting for the first time, the Rock Lobster Caesar is a must-have.

Rock Lobster Food | Toronto

The drink is beautifully decorated with a Nova Scotia lobster tail that has been dipped onto a mixture of clamato juice, worcestershire sauce, steak spice, tabasco and vodka. A drink a bit high on the spice level, but certainly worth a try. If on the other hand spice is not on the menu for you, the white rabbit is a close contender. The drink is a combination of tromba tequila, lemon juice and horseradish, a thirst-killer for hot summer nights.

On the seafood front, the Steam Whistle Pot is a no-brainer if you plan on sharing a meal.

Rock Lobster Food | Toronto

The experience of having a gigantic hot pot be settled at your table, while guests around you also look in awe as you await for the waiter to open the lead, it’s just a fantastic feeling. The pot is pipping hot and as the beer-filled smoke reveals the feast of snow king crab legs, shrimp, clams and mussels over corn on the cobs, red potatoes and sausage, the scent of seafood overpowers one’s senses and quickly awakens one’s appetite.

As the beer-infused fumes diffuse, the shrimp start glowing with a perfect pink colour, while the crab legs turn whiter and plumper. The mussels open up even wider, like lotus flowers, and the seafood feast begins. Though the king crab legs are hard to get to, the meat inside is tender and juicy. The corn is perfectly yellow with a nice sweet taste that complements the dish harmonically, while the sausage helps balance it all out. One pot is all you need to make your experience at Rock Lobster Food one to remember.

Foodie tip: Pettit imports his own seafood directly from fisherman on the East Coast (crab from the West) and notes that only the oysters are left in the trusty hands of Oyster Boy.

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Venue: Rock Lobster Food
Specialty: Seafood
Location:  538 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario
Menu items: Steam Whistle Pot for two ($39)

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