Ravi Soups


RaviSoups is a downtown favourite lunch spot located on Adelaide west of Peter Street. My colleagues and I often head over to Ravi when in need of some major comfort food during lunch time. As a great spot for take-out or dine-in, Ravi always seems to be the place to indulge for most of us in the Fashion and Entertainment districts.

Ravi, owner of Ravi soups, gets his inspiration from native Sri Lanka. As previous  saucier and known “soup master” of Mildred Pierce, he decided to open up his own kitchen and enchant us with his creative and delicious soups and wraps. Inspired by exotic ingredients from beautiful Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia, Ravi has been able to wow the crowds of 9-5ers looking for a different and tasty lunch fix. Although all of the featured wraps at RaviSoups are amazing, my absolute favourite is the Curried Lamb wrap.


Ravi Soups

This wrap has the most delicious and creative ingredients one can never find in any other wrap, anywhere! This unique flour creation comes with lamb, roasted yams (a.k.a sweet potatoes), baby spinach, mango pineapple salsa, edamame, lime chili and mint cilantro. That’s Ravi’s secret, innovation and creativity with flavour in mind!
That said, Ravi’s famed reviews come from his hearty and yummy soups; hence the name RaviSoups. The soups are something extraordinary and tasty. For those that are soup-averse, you will need to try Ravi before you say “pass”. My choice for lunch usually starts with the Curried Apricot and Red Lentil Soup. A must have.

Ravi Soups


Though my belief is that Ravi does not disclose the full length of the spices and ingredients of the soups, he does provide a sneak peek at what seems to be the best possible combination for a hearty soup – red lentils, curry flavoured apricot (my guess is this is blended in the curry), cilantro and lime creme fraiche. And that’s just a preview, your palette will be able to tell you more once you try it, trust me!
Ravi Soups

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

Dining Experience: Lunch
Venue: Ravi Soups
Specialty: Fusion (Sri Lankan and Asian inspired)
Location: 322 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON
Menu items: Curry Lamb Wrap and Red Lentil Soup

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