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Happy Gnocchi Day Toronto! Every 29th of the month you can celebrate lucky gnocchi day with the folks at Piola with an offering of all you can eat home-made gnocchi for just $14.95/person.

Piola | Toronto

All you can eat Gnocchi!

History has it that once upon a time, on the 29th of an unknown month, in a small village in Italy, a missionary arrived upon a very poor house asking for food. He was welcomed to their house and was offered the only thing they had on the table, “Gnocchi”. The missionary was very thankful for their warm reception and wonderful food. Soon after the missionary left the house, the poor family found some gold coins right under their Gnocchi plate… 
Since then the “Lucky Gnocchi Legend” has gained recognition all over the world. Families gather together every 29th of the month and enjoy Gnocchi in order to have luck and prosperity in their lives.

And now in Toronto, you can celebrate every 29th too and wish for prosperity in your lives, all courtesy of the international restaurant, Piola. A place that has claimed territory on 1165 Queen West, becoming famous for its great execution of those potato, flour and salt concoctions called gnocchi.

Piola | Toronto

Gnocchi with Alfredo sauce

From pesto, to basil and tomato, four cheese and even Alfredo sauce, Piola delivers on its promise by offering the best quality, home-made gnocchi one can indulge in, for a dime. Their gnocchi is tender, ethereally light, nicely potatoey and able to stand up to all the sauces offered during lucky night. On the 29th of every month, one can easily be served over 6 different types of gnocchi flavours. Waiters come and go with their bowls steaming with the oeey-gooey delicious nods telling guests what they have in them, and then proceeding to serve onto plates.

Piola | Toronto

Pesto, Cheese and Tomato-Basil Gnocchi

Piola gets packed the day of and reservations are often advised for lucky gnocchi days. At Piola, the service is so wonderful that you are sure to be served the best experience on this day. Though I still have to give Piola a run for their pizzas, I am and forever will be their number one fan when it comes to gnocchi.

Piola | Toronto


Until next time Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

Venue: Piola
Specialty: Italian
Location:  1165 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario
Menu items: All you can eat gnocchi

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  1. Eliz C July 1, 2013 at 4:54 am

    All you can eat Gnocchi! Still my beating heart! That looks absolutely delicious.

    I never knew about the Lucky Gnocchi Legend. Very interesting and just another wonderful thing about Gnocchi.

    Thanks for the info about Piola in Toronto. Will be traveling there soon and this is now a restaurant I must go to.


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