Oyster Boy…oh boy!

Oyster Boy


In the heart of downtown Toronto lays a place that offers one of the best food aphrodisiacs ever! Oysters is the specialty of this niche restaurant that came to my knowledge through a friend who swears by it. Not being a fan of oysters, I decided I needed to try them at least once to give this food group a chance. Little did I know I will become one of the biggest fans of the little suckers (pun intended) and will become a regular here.

The way the boy itself, Adam Colquhoun, treats this delicacy is what makes them good. To my enjoyment, and hopefully yours, oysters at Oyster Boy can be eaten raw, cooked, steamed or fried. My favourite kind are always and forever PEI’s Malpeques. I usually order about a dozen of them and stick with my choice. Malpeques are actually recognized as one of the world’s finest oysters with an unequalled taste, superior appearance and excellent keeping quality. So when I come to Oyster Boy, I know I am definitely in for a treat.

Besides oysters, the boy offers a variety and limited amount of seafood dishes that will complement your oyster-eating experience very nicely. Oyster Boy’s Beer Battered Fish and Chips are no exception.

Oyster Boy

Beer Battered Fish and Chips

Accompanied with the Oyster Boy tartar sauce and slaw, this dish is truly mouth-watering and one to check out when visiting the boy. I am not much of a heavy batter person, so I find the light texture of the deep-fried batter actually good. The fries are nothing special, but then again this is a seafood place.

Other great choices at Oyster Boy include their “special of the day”, which are usually menu items the chef wants to test and introduce. The Ceviche, was a great choice that night.

Oyster Boy


Unlike traditional Peruvian Ceviche (which is the most popular kind), this Ceviche was fused with what tasted like Mote. Mote is husked white corn kernels that have been boiled with charcoal or firewood. The kernels tend to be big and have a rather chewy texture with bland taste, however when combined with lime and salt, it becomes quite the dish. The Ceviche topped with some fried octopus gave ita nice crunchy feel, which brought the whole dish together.

When visiting Oyster Boy, I recommend you plan in advance and make a reservation. On weekends it tends to get quite busy and at times the place does not even take a walk-in given that all of its 25-30 spots might be booked for the night.
Until next time Foodies!
Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.


Dining Experience: Dinner
Venue: Oyster Boy
Specialty: Oysters
Location: 872 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON 
Menu items: Oysters, Beer Battered Fish and Chips and Ceviche

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  1. Foodies Inked November 16, 2011 at 3:56 am

    Thanks Mary! Will be sure to try it next time :)

  2. Mary November 14, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    I have a soft spot for oysters, this post made my mouth water! Next time, try the onion rings at Oyster Boy, they are delish!


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