Odd Seoul | Toronto

Spanish Harlem

After two year’s of having opened its Toronto doors on Ossington street, OddSeoul continues to deliver on their promise of a great late-night snack bar, with good drinks, food and a terrific ambiance. The place, which is open until 2am on weekends and some weekdays, features mood lighting, bar-height communal tables and relics of the 90′s meld with Korean influences and even terminator movie posters!

Odd Seoul | Toronto

The Loosey

Though their drinks are the highlight for most late-nighters, OddSeoul’s food is meant for the food aficionado. Their select menu features whimsical combinations of Korean ingredients with good ol’ favourite American staples. Like The Loosey, which proves to be a very juicy shredded short-rib patty stuffed with kimchee and American processed cheese on challah bread garnished with pickles, mayo and ketchup. In other words, a cleverly deconstructed Big Mac.

Odd Seoul | Toronto

Bulgogi Cheesesteak

Add to that Loosey another juicy ensemble like the Bulgogi Cheesestake, and you’ve got the perfect Koren-American fusion dish. Owner’s Leeto and Leemo Han pay tribute to their American upbringing in Philadelphia with this sweet, savory and oeey-gooey sandwich. Ribeye steak is dry aged for at least 12 hours, shaved and then marinated bulgogi-style in a sweet-savoury marinade. All is sandwiched on a toasted banh-mi bun and sauced with a house-special mustard, mayo and hot sauce.

Odd Seoul | Toronto

Spicy Scallion & Avocado Slaw

If the meat is too much and leafy greens are the only thing that resembles healthy-eating, you can always count on the Spicy Scallion and Avocado Slaw to hit the spot. Chunks of avocado sit on top of piles of greens with traces of chilli lingering on the drizzled sesame-based dressed slaw. A salad that easily washes off with any of the cocktails offered.

Odd Seoul | Toronto

Beef Short Rib Saam Platter

On the other hand, if size matters (as it should), a Saam Platter can also hit the spot and fill the need for all things carbs and yummy. Offered with varied protein, I defaulted to the beef short rib platter. Think Bibimbap korean-style. Delicious layers of juicy and fatty thin-sliced beef sit on top of fried rice, garnished with cilantro, Thai basil, cucumbers, sweet pickled carrot and daikon, circling around a sunny-side up egg. A sinful meal that, once again, easily washes off with a nice cocktail.

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Buen Provecho,
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Dining Experience: Dinner
Venue: Odd Seoul
Specialty: Late-night
Location: 90 Ossington, Toronto, Ontario
Menu Items: Spanish Harlem, Steamed Pork Bun, Bulgogi Cheesesteak, Spicy Scallion & Avocado Slaw, Beef Short Rib Saam Platter & The Loosey

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