North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

North of Brooklyn Pizzera

Brooklyn has made its way to Toronto. Or has Toronto made its way there? Probably the latter. North of Brooklyn Pizzeria, the fairly new pizza joint in town, is taking take-out and delivery to a whole new level with NYC inspired thin-crust pizzas from former Libretto staff.


The place is packed on weekends with people doing pick-up and take-out orders. Customers sit while waiting for their pizzas in the 8 seater location and their delivery girl drops by every so often in her bike to do the next delivery round. The choice of venue is petite but cozy and the decor is worth a look…

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria | Toronto

The North of Brooklyn staff, is just, good staff. No attitude, not super friendly either, and definitely the right balance of good customer service. If you order a slice of pizza that is sitting on the counter, or has been sitting for a while, and a new whole pizza of the same kind is about to come out, the staff will ask you to wait so you can get a fresh one, even though that means they will probably have to throw out that last slice on the counter. Now that’s great customer service.

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria | Toronto

The pizza comes out steaming hot and huge, just like any Brooklyn-style pizza. Each slice is at least 10 inches wide; their pizza will be considered an extra large size at any other joint. North of Brooklyn offers just one size of pizza, but it seems that one size does fit all. It’s finger-licking good and the dough is so thin, you can easily order one pizza for two people. Though their menu selection is limited, it seems they just specialize in what they know how to do best – cheese and crust.

Their pepperoni version is delectable with very thinly sliced pepperoni that has some heat to it and is generously sprinkled throughout the whole pizza. The crust is extra crispy with slight burnt edges and it’s covered with a light drizzle of sesame seeds. The cheese is definitely not processed cheese, its a fresh mozzarella cheese that is blended in a juicy and fresh tomato sauce, bringing back memories of Libretto.

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria | Toronto

On a less tomato-y note, the White Pizza at North of Brooklyn is worth a visit. Mozzarella,  garlic ricotta and Parmesan cheeses are placed on crispy dough and topped with a tangy arugula salad. The strong taste of the garlic is well balanced by the acidity from the arugula and burn taste of the sprinkled Parmesan cheese. A must order when visiting.

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria is located on the corner of Palmerston and Queen West. You might miss it by an inch as it’s actually tucked away in Palmerston, but I can assure you, you won’t miss their bright big sign.

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Venue: North of Brooklyn Pizzeria
Specialty: Pizzas
Location:  650 1/5 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario
Menu items: Pepperoni & White pizza

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