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Linda Restaurant | Salad King

Linda Restaurant

Yes, we all love Thai food. But have you ever wondered if you’ve really had the best Thai you could ever indulge in? I never did ask myself that…until I went to Linda’s Restaurant.


Linda is not a friend of mine, Linda is the up and coming restaurant in the newly opened Shops at Don Mills outdoor mall in North Toronto. The sister restaurant of the famous Salad King on Yonge and Dundas, has opened its doors to the North York crowd featuring traditional Thai dishes in a location that could have not been more perfect, with a decor that could have not been more Thai. Amongst my favourite things to indulge in @ Linda’s, is the Shrimp Panang.


Linda Restaurant | Salad King

Shrimp Panang

Shrimp Panang is a Thai fried curry sauce made with coconut milk, sweet basil and lime leaf, usually topped off with bell peppers, peanuts and chicken, beef or shrimp. The slightly spicy panang sauce (you can customize your spice level) is a sweet tasty sauce that combined with the peppers and a softer meat, like shrimp, makes this dish a delight to eat.

With the curry theme in mind, my next dish on “my faves” list is the Golden Curry Chicken.


Linda Restaurant | Salad King

Golden Curry Chicken

This dish is actually the complete opposite, in terms of taste, of a panang sauce. The flavour tends to be on the salty side (not saying it was salty) more so than on the sweet side. Although the golden sauce is actually made with plum sugar, the tamarind sauce that’s also used almost overpowers it; and then balances it to ease off the sweetness. I find this interesting as the panang is not sweet at all, yet it has a sweeter taste to it. An interesting take on what sweetness can be…is it an ingredient or its evolution?

Until next time Foodies!


Buen Provecho,

Foodies Inked.

Dining Experience: Lunch
Venue: Linda Restaurant
Location: Shops at Don Mills,11 Karl Fraser Road, North York, ON
Menu items: Shrimp Panang and Golden Curry Chicken

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