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Working in the King West area, one definitely feels like royalty when indulging in any of the fabulous restaurants located on the King West strip. LEE, a masterpiece by chef Susur Lee, happens to be one of those restaurants where one can easily get to indulge in at lunch time.
Although I have not been to LEE for dinner, I can assure you their lunch menu will have you coming for more, especially during those rare days at work where you happen to have the time to sit down for more than half hour and enjoy a nice meal.


Our lunch started off with the famous Singaporean Style Slaw. According to the restaurant staff, the slaw is made out of 17 different ingredients, which make this salad a delicacy and a mouthwatering masterpiece.


Lee Restaurant

Singaporean Style Slaw

Eating the salad is a ritual on its own. The waiter comes with the salad, tells us about the wonderful mysterious ingredients and proceeds to mix it in for us. It turns out the dressing needs to settle in, once mixed, for about 1 minute before you can start eating it…oh, the beauty of ingredients. Once all ingredients and slices of thin tortilla chips are settled in, the salad becomes crunchy and moist, but not watery or dense. It is just perfection at its best.


From what I tasted, I noticed hints of cilantro leaves, wine sherry vinegar, peanuts, sweet onion, lemon zest, carrots and bean sprouts…oh and did I mention rose petals!?  I must be missing close to 10 ingredients here, but this is as much as I could grasp from the waiter. I guess you will need to try it on your own and share what else you discovered.
Next up, Spicy Crispy Tofu. Not being a vegetarian or a super fan of Tofu, I decided to try this appetizer and give it a shot. 
Lee Restaurant

Spicy Crispy Tofu

Well, this was worth the shot! The dish is basically composed of big pieces of good quality tofu, lightly battered and deep fried with a wildflower honey soya chili glaze, golden sand, topped with fresh basil. The combination of the chili with the soy sauce, sugar (cane?) and basil, make this yet another hit by Chef Susur.
Our order of appetizers to share finished with the Four Satay. A very sweet end to our degustation.
Lee Restaurant

Four Satay

Let’s just say the presentation of this dish was the show stopper. The basket-styled dish, which seemed to be a thin rice cake mix, was delicious. Once we dug in it, we found fresh chili mint chutney (brings memories of Ravi Soups), peanut sauce, Kung pao sauce, all mingling and coating pieces of shrimp, beef, chicken and pork. Of course, having had non-protein “appies”, it was about time we introduced protein to our meal. Yet another hit.
Until next time Foodies!
Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.


Dining Experience: Lunch
Venue: Lee
Specialty: Asian Fusion
Location: 603 King Street West, Toronto, ON
Menu items: Famous Singaporean Style Slaw, Spicy Crisp Tofu & Four Satay

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