Le Neuf Cafe

Le Neuf Cafe is the new trendy coffee and pastry spot in Toronto. Facing south, on the north side of the recently revamped Clarence square on King and Spadina, Le Neuf brings a little bit of Paris to our city with delectable pastries, galettes, crepes and chocolat chaud selections, setting themselves apart with a lovely Victorian decor and a laid back atmosphere.

Le Neuf Cafe & Patisserie | Toronto

Le Neuf

Having heard that Le Neuf also offers a killer brunch menu on weekends, I decided to head over to test my acquired Parisian skills and hopefully bring back memories of La France.

From the moment you enter the premises, you get this feeling you are no longer in Toronto and are on vacation visiting yet another trendy coffee shop in Paris. Checked! Memories start coming back to me and I am immediately curious about this place.

Le Neuf Cafe & Patisserie | Toronto

Chocolat Viennois

The brunch menu arrives, and I know I absolutely have to test these guys on their chocolat chaud execution. Without much hesitation I ask how the chocolate is made. The waiter smartly replies is not powder chocolate and there is no water content, this is pure chocolate that has been melted to a liquid state and mixed with heavy cream. Ding ding, Chocolate chaud, checked and verdict? Delicious, probably one of the most decadent, light and creamy hot chocolates I have had in Toronto.

Next up is my obvious order of the Benedicto. This is Le Neuf’s take on eggs benedict served on either French brioche or English muffin.

Le Neuf Cafe & Patisserie | Toronto

Eggs Benedicto

Going for the obvious choice, the brioche, the eggs are layered on top of thin prosciutto slices and tomato, smothered in a fresh and light hollandaise sauce, topped with green onions. Though the egg yolks are not as soft as I would have normally like to, the sweetness of the bread coupled with the salty prosciutto and buttery flavours running from the hollandaise, make a perfect symphony in one’s palate.

The Benedicto also come accompanied with a refreshing mixed greens salad that helps cleanse my palate as I dip my fork into the buttery eggs; as well as home fries that add a nice layer of texture and taste.

Though I did not get to try many of Le Neuf’s pastries, I have a feeling these are just as good as the shop set out in its mission to be – become a true café parisien in the heart of Toronto.

On the service side, my first visit was a bit of a hit and miss as the waiter forgot my lovely chocolate which I got after my food arrived, as well as was asked to move to another table to accommodate for a larger party. A bit disappointing since this place is all about a laid back atmosphere, however I have given it the benefit of the doubt given that their food overcompensates for rather small service oversights.

Here, Le Neuf’s brunch menu, which is not offered on the website yet.

Le Neuf Cafe & Patisserie | Toronto

Brunch Menu


Until next time Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

Venue: Le Neuf Cafe
Specialty: Patisserie/Brunch
Location:  9 Clarence Square, Toronto, Ontario
Menu items: Benedicto, Norwegian & Chocolat Viennois

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