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Foodies, I have finally had my first personal food experience with one of Julia Child’s famous recipes – Boeuf bourguignon!

Upon watching and reading about her famous recipes, books and now movie (Julie and Julia) I have finally been able to not only find a restaurant that offers Julia’s Boeuf bourguignon, but also serves it to perfection and great taste.

Boeuf bourguignon (love pronouncing the name by the way) has been on my “to eat” list for quite some time. And thanks to the lovely French bistro, Jules, on Spadina and Richmond; I have finally been able to try it. Delish!

Jules Restaurant | Toronto

Boeuf Bourguignon

Boeuf bourguignon, also called beef Burgundy, is a well known traditional French recipe. It is a stew prepared with beef braised in red wine, traditionally red Burgundy, and beef broth, generally flavoured with garlic, carrots, onions and mushrooms. Although the presentation leaves a lot to be desired, it is really all about the taste when it comes to this dish. Trust me, you won’t care how it looks like after you try it.

The meat gets settled and marinated in the stew for hours ahead of time. So much so, that the meat falls off the bone just by touching it with your fork. Then you put a piece of it in your mouth and this is when you realize French cuisine does not get its popularity for nothing, neither does Julia. The broth is tasty, not too salty and not too greasy. The meet is flavourful and fresh.

The dish was accompanied by les frites (also known as French Fries) and green salad.

Jules Restaurant | Toronto

Les frites

Jules’ frites are by far the best French fries I have ever tried. Think McDonald’s (not a fan of the place, but one has to acknowledge when the fries are good) but BETTER. It is the fancy, healthier and tastier version of them. Simply a must ask when you order anything at Jules.

For dessert, I had their Crepe au Chocolat.

Jules Restaurant | Toronto

Crepe au Chocolat

The crepe was fresh and tasty and the chocolate sauce was very French. Dark, rich chocolate sauce, not overpowering and yet sweet. Although I am a big critic when it comes to crepes, this one passed my test…so it goes on this blog!

Until next time Foodies.

Bueno Provecho!
Foodies Inked.

Dining Experience: Dinner
Specialty: French
Location: 147 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON
Menu items: Boeuf bourguignon avec les frites & Crepe au Chocolat

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