Home of the Brave

Home of the Brave | Toronto Restaurant

Home of the Brave is home to some brave food. Food one most welcome with open arms, a firm handshake and an empty stomach.

Known for it’s creative spin on traditional American dishes, a clubby yet nonchalant ambiance and a small space, HOTB serves up quite a meal and some dangerous cocktails (must try The Derby) that are sure to compete with fellow Toronto King West restaurants like Buca, Patria and even it’s beer hall neighbour, Wvrst.

But former La Carnita kitchen pals, Andrew Richmond and Jonathan Hamilton, are not in for a competition; rather they bring a breath of fresh air to the King strip of trendy restaurants, breaking away from traditional upscale meals, and bringing it back to basics for us lovers of all things fried, greasy and homey.

Home of the Brave | Toronto Restaurant

Like the Cornbread, a crowd pleaser for its spongy and moist texture. Corn kernels are still present through each bite while the juiciness from the house double-smoked bacon and roasted garlic and shallots infuse the bread with flavour. Add a bit of green onion for good luck (and texture) and you’ve got yourself a dish that in itself passes for a meal. “Sharsies”on this one, a must.

Home of the Brave | Toronto Restaurant

Crab cakes are tough to “nail” for any restaurant. Those little circles of joy look as though they are the easiest appetizer to make, but a bit much or less of something and the cake is a thing of the past. Yet this is not the case at Home of the Brave. The dynamic kitchen duo make it a point to have these bite-sized pockets of flavour made to perfection with a light breading that is crispy, enveloping some herb-infused fresh crab and accompanied by a slaw drizzled with home-made shallot dressing which balances out the dish quite fantastically.

Home of the Brave | Toronto Restaurant

For those of you that enjoy indulgence, the Chicken and Waffles are not to be missed at HOTB. A skewer breaks through some thick-crispy chicken thigh pieces and sweet and savory waffles that are topped with sour cream, spicy maple sauce and green onion. No further introduction required.

Home of the Brave | Toronto Restaurant

And remember when I said one must welcome Home of the Brave’s food with a firm handshake? Well, I was being quite literal. Leg with foot included (bonus), the Kentucky Fried Handshake Sandwich brings some unexpected rejoice to tables as groups shake the so called foot before indulging on this succulent and juicy piece of meat that is deep-fried to perfection and topped with spicy buffalo hot sauce, mayo and iceberg lettuce.

So if you are brave enough, and can not wait to shake the hand (or foot) that feeds you. Head to Home of the Brave. Who knows, you might find me with cocktail in one hand and leg/foot on the other!

Until next time Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

Venue: Home of the Brave
Specialty: Creative interpretations of American-inspired dishes
Location:  589 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario
Menu items: Corn Bread, Kentucky Fried Handshake Sandwich, Chicken and Waffles, Maryland Crab Cakes

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