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Gandhi Roti Toronto

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Let’s be honest. I am not an Indian food expert, nor have I had the chance to try many places in the city that specialize in this cuisine. However, what I do know about is a good meal when I taste it, coupled with praise from fellow co-workers, bloggers and review sites. And Gandhi is just one of those places.

Known in the city as the “best roti” in town, Gandhi serves enormous amount of roti orders to the Queen west crowds. With a pre-order time of approximately 30 mins and a pick-up wait time of about 10, my colleagues and I enjoy our $8.00 rotis like its nobody’s business. Most of us finish the whole take-out tray in one seating, hoping not to pass out at work afterwards; others opt to share it, while others save some to take home for dinner.

So what is it about their Roti that makes us all come back for more and crave on our Friday lunch runs? Well, a few things…First, the fantastic freshness and texture of the roti shell, which is madefresh everyday at the premises. Second, the succulent and delicious mixture of meat, curry, peas, herbs and some more that enrich the flavour and make it unique; and third, the fact that these pockets of flavour are packed with chunks of meat, not just little pieces of it. I’d be curious as to what their secret ingredient on the sauce is and what makes it so yummy.

Gandhi Roti Toronto

Lamb Roti

My favourite yet is the Lamb Roti. I like it the best for its unique flavour, spice mix and the fact, as I mentioned, the lamb is present throughout the dish and found in chunks, not hidden in the sauce or additional ingredients. And more importantly, that it pleases my gluttonous self as this lunch portion is just the perfect size for my kind of meal.


Gandhi Roti Toronto

Butter Chicken Roti

Gandhi also offers many vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, like the Butter Chicken roti, Eggplant with Potato roti and Channa roti, amongst others.

With affordable prices, incredible taste and an excellent location, Gandhi is one of those joints that will live in our working hearts for many years to come.

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Dining Experience: Lunch, take-out
Venue: Gandhi Roti
Specialty: Roti
Location: 554 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON 
Menu items: Lamb Roti, Butter Chicken Roti

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    Great review, left my mouth watering for roti.



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