FARMHOUSE tavern | Toronto

Store-front and ambiance

FARMHOUSE tavern is not your typical brunch spot with a set menu that runs year-long offering legacy brunch items such as scrambled eggs with sausage. This hipster-style spot located in the Junction triangle defies all traditional rules, with a simple farm-to-fork philosophy, exploring with versatile ingredients and offering innovative weekly brunch items.

With a rustic decor, farm-style, old country music playing in the background, FARMHOUSE tavern staff greets us the moment we arrive on location. The kitchen is completely open concept, almost an extension of the dinning area, and the chef and his staff chop, bake, fry and garnish as we eat. The food arrives at our table and my mouth salivates. The vibrant colours of the food meet my eyes and I can not wait to dig in.

FARMHOUSE tavern | Toronto

Eggs Benny

This is my first take at the FHT’s always-on menu item, Eggs Benny. The perfectly soft poached eggs are sitting on a buttery home-made cheese biscuit and covered in a freshly made hollandaise sauce. On bite, the flavours explode in a mildly symphonic way. Paired with a slice of layered potatoes and a light garnished green salad, this dish becomes a decadent combination of texture and balance.

One member of our party was brave enough to deviate from old-favourites and decided to try the Smoked Chicken Crepe.

FARMHOUSE tavern | Toronto

Smoked Chicken Crepe

To put it in simple words, this crepe is a delicacy. The smoked chicken is brine cold and then hot smoked for one hour before its mixed with a mayo and pickled zucchini sauce. The chicken mix is wrapped in the crepe, that is topped with baked cheese slices (guessing Gouda), and finally garnished with a light salad. Once again, a nice combination of texture, flavour and balance.

Last on our list to try, and a definite crowd-favourite, the Barnyard Burger.

FARMHOUSE tavern | Toronto

Barnyard Burger

A nice blend of chuck and short rib comprise the beef patty in this concoction. The Chef personally hand picks the meat that will be used in these burgers. The burger is served medium-rare to medium and is topped with goat cheese, a runny – tomato-style sauce – that adds a nice kick and, wait for it, a fried duck egg. Duck eggs tend to be stronger in flavour as they have more fat in the yolks and more protein in the whites. So this is a match made in heaven as the combination of the juicy punchy sauce with the egg, meat and light goat cheese, is just brilliant.

The one point I will deduct to this beautiful joint is that it only offers black coffee and no tea or espresso. Though farms don’t usually have espresso machines, I would say this is still city living, and to me, brunch ain’t complete without my cappuccino.

FARMHOUSE tavern | Toronto

December 2012 Menu

Until next time Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

Venue: Farmhouse Tavern
Specialty: Farm-to-fork – brunch and dinner
Location: 1627 Dupont Street, Toronto, Ontario
Menu items: Eggs Benny, Smoked Chicken Crepe & Barnyard Burger

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