Cheese is probably one of the most feel-good, versatile, comfort foods. Anything you make with cheese enhances its flavour, tastes better and often changes the texture. When in its most decadent form – grilled – cheese goes through a transformation that I just can’t get enough of.

So where do you find the best grilled cheese in Toronto? At Cheesewerks, a cheese emporium serving a creative selection of 100% Canadian artisan cheese products. Cheesy? maybe, but this is how their food makes me feel. Warm and fuzzy, as I indulge in my fave concoction, the Beijing.




A sweet and juicy ooey-gooey melange of Asiago cheese, BBQ pork, hoisin sauce (commonly known as a Chinese dipping sauce) and green onion served on a house-made potato-onion bread.

When feeling even more cheesy, I default to the Charleston, my dessert grilled cheese.




A brie cheese treat that just melts as you bite and explodes with sugary notes from the raisins in the bread, the caramelized onions and the apricot chutney. The sandwich is also tangy as the brie coats all sweet ingredients…one of those items you just gotta eat to experience.

And when I’ve monotonously visited my fave cities, then I head east for a change and hit the Los Angeles.



Using avocado as the star of the dish, the Cheesewerks guys make a savory story out of this sandwich by adding good ol’ havarti to the equation mixed with arugula and citrus compote sandwiched on sourdough bread. When in company, the best way to eat these is to mix and match. Half of this, half of that, et voilà!




Besides their traditional grilled cheese sandwiches, the “big cheese” continues to experience the art of grilling cheese by offering mac and cheese versions of the city-themed assortments, which put the word decadent in very bite, as well as fondue platters. How else they’ll continue to transform their product? I can not wait to taste.

Parting thought: Though prices stand at $8-$10 per sandwich, the use of quality, local and specialty ingredients take this product out of the “fast-food” category and places it on the gourmet-artisan movement. So cheese yourself with these.

Until next time Foodies!

Buen Provecho,

Foodies Inked.

Dining Experience: Lunch/Dinner
Venue: Cheesewerks
Specialty: Artisan Grilled Cheese
Location: 56 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario
Menu items: Beijing, Charleston and Los Angeles grilled cheese

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