416 Snack Bar

416 Snack Bar | Toronto

We don’t have utensils. Said the server that was taking my order on a late Sunday night at the infamous, no nonsense, we-cook-what-we-love 416 Snack Bar. I laughed, smiled and looked at him in the eye (provoking intimidation), the server re-assured me: Our snacks are meant to be eaten by hand. To which I replied – then let’s see those snacks of yours.

The “416 snackers” pride themselves on delivering bite-size indulgence to one’s palate. The chefs come up with creative ways in which long-established dishes can be made into a snack, and therefore eaten by hand. The board, a quintessential dish that brings together a little bit of everything represents this concept the best. With it, one can indulge in a perfectly deconstructed Caesar salad, and though crouton-short, the sucker is packed with flavour. Or the good ol’ deviled egg, which has been spiced with the purpose of creating flavour-explosion in one’s mouth.

416 Snack Bar | Toronto

Right next to the devilish eggs, rest an ensemble of house-made pierogi that thanks to my alcohol intake, and excitedly reaction to the yummy treats, did not retain in my my memory…was it cheese or meat they were filled with? Who knows, and quite honestly, who cares!

Last but not least, and my favourite yet – the spicy tuna hand roll, Japan’s perfect finger food packed with fresh ingredients and potent in flavour.

416 Snack Bar | Toronto

From fusion to traditional, the bar also prides itself on showcasing known favourites on the menu. Their take on the Big Mac is, well, a Mini Mac. It achieves the same addictive taste as the restaurant-chain kind, with the bonus of quality ingredients and a hand-made touch to it.

Though dessert was not an option that night, I’ll definitely be coming back for it soon. Super curious as to how they will please my sweet tooth, sans cutlery.

Until next time Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

Venue: 416 Snack Bar
Specialty: Snack Bar
Location:  181 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario
Menu items: The Board and The Mini Mac

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