Brunch at Bar Buca

Bar Buca | Toronto

Bar Buca, the one year old spot by Chef Rob Gentile from the original Buca just across across the street, is serving a cool Italian-inspired take on brunch. Departing from the good ol’ bennies and steak and eggs most outlets offer, Chef Gentile focuses his craft on eggs, using high quality ingredients and introducing new flavours and nose-to-tail type proteins to otherwise traditional egg skillets.

Bar Buca | Toronto

Uova Strapazette

On the lighter side, one can find in the Uova Strapazette a subtle yet delicious take on eggs and cheese. Gentile carefully mixes fresh farm turkey, goose and duck eggs with burrata cheese and truffles, then tops it all off with basil leafs. Accompanied with 2 slices of grilled ciabatta bread, this dish was one of my favourites at Bar Buca.

Bar Buca | Toronto Restaurant & Bar

Special Menu Item

Bar Buca updates their menu every so often, dishes come and go, but the flavour and technique always remain. When I visited this spot, I was privy to trying the chef’s take on caprese-style eggs. These are farm eggs once again that are mixed with mozzarella cheese, a light tomato sauce and topped with crispy pieces of mortadella. Now I don’t believe they have this item on the menu anymore, but at least you know you can always count on the chef to explore with new menu items.

Bar Buca | Toronto

Ammazza Fegato

The last item on the condensed Bar Buca menu we got to try was the Ammazza Fegato. A Tuscan offal sausage with faro (aka wheat grains), porcini mushrooms topped with a poached farm egg and crispy kale (cavolo nero). The dish is extremely greasy on the palate but has flavour and punch like no other. I’d recommend as a good hang-over morning meal.

Bar Buca | Toronto

Nutella Croissant

Last but probably the most important part of our meal, the Nutella Croissant. A decadent, sweet and tasty treat to accompany any brunch meal. The croissant is fluffy yet crunchy, dusted off with chocolate powder and the nutella is lukewarm on bite. Be prepared for messy fingers and lip-licking goodness.

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Dining Experience: Brunch
Venue: Bar Buca
Specialty: Italian
Location: 75 Portland Street, Toronto, Ontario
Menu Items: Uova strapazette, Caprese, Ammazza Fegato, Nutella Croisstan, Cappuccino

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  1. Allison January 7, 2016 at 7:03 pm

    Looks delicious. Lots of restaurants should take inspiration from this to update their own brunch and breakfast menus. Offering creative and new menu items like this instead of just the usual items would greatly improve their brunch service.


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