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The fairly new Oliver & Bonacini brand, Bannock, is a restaurant unlike any other serving Canadian comfort food. You do not head over there for anything else than hearty, ooey-gooey meals. The restaurant offers both a grab-and-go option as well as features a seat-in dining area. Specializing in an array of burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and meats; Bannock really hits the spot with their pizzas and well, bannocks. I reserve commentary on the sandwiches and other dishes as I was not nearly as impressed; thankfully though, the restaurant is amazing for all kinds of flat bread dishes and the service and ambiance are quite delightful so this blog post is all about what they are good at, the famous Roast Duck Poutine Pizza.


Duck Poutine Pizza

Duck Poutine Pizza

Where to start? This pizza is heaven in a plate. It’s poutine meets duck, get married and have kids in the form of fries. The cheese curds are fresh, soft and perfectly melted with the pizza, yet still preserving its shape and texture. The gravy used as the tomato base sauce is splendid and nothing short of perfect. The fries are not soggy even though they are well blended in this mess of a pizza and lastly the duck is succulent, well cooked and yet not overcooked. What a hit the O&B guys have created. A must try whenever you head over to Bannock.

And though I have not tried them yet, I have heard the Carne pizza and BLT bannock are also quite nice. Will definitely hit those on my next visit.


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Dining Experience: Dinner
Venue: Bannock
Specialty: Canadian Comfort Food
Location: 401 Bay Street, Toronto, ON 
Menu items: Roast Duck Poutine Pizza


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