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Banh mi boys | Toronto | Sandwiches

Braised Beef Cheek Steamed Bao

The famous Vietnamese sandwich shop, opened for just over a year, has been luring the Queen West crowds with their fantastic take on Asian-fusion street food. So much so, that the Chau borthers, owners of Banh Mi Boys, are set to open a new location on Yonge and Gerard this month.

Banh Mi Boys has been my favourite go-to spot for lunch. I have to pace myself on the number of times I hit this place as their sandwiches and steamed baos are too good to be fat-free or sugar-free. My default banh mi is always the braised beef cheek kind.


Banh mi boys | Toronto | Sandwiches

Braised Beef Cheek Banh Mi

With just the right balance of meat to veggies, this sandwich comes with a tender and juicy amount of beef cheek that has been braised, almost reminding me of the beef cheek dish one finds at Le Select, accompanied by a spread of onion chutney and julienne veggies – carrots, cucumbers, pickled onion topped with cilantro. The bread itself is chewy and though not freshly made, it’s tasty and spongy.


Although Banh Mi Boys’ is famous for its kimchi fries, being a sweet potato fan, my meal always comes with an order of sweet potato fries. They are tasty, sweet yet salty and perfectly fried. Without a doubt on my list of top fries in this city.


Banh mi boys | Toronto | Sandwiches


Other great selections from Banh Mi Boys include the pulled pork and five-spice pork belly. The duck confit salad is also a good choice.

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Venue: Banh Mi Boys
Specialty: Lunch
Location: 392 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON 
Menu items: Braised Beef Cheek banh mi and steamed bao with sweet potato fries

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