& Company Resto Bar

& Company Resto Bar | Mississauga


& Company Resto Bar is more than a restaurant. It’s fine dining establishment by day and burlesque show, turn lounge, turn club, by night. By day, Executive Chef Rob Lussier offers a contemporary twist on classic dishes with a delectable assortment of seasonal cuisine. By night, &Company transitions into an exhilarating nightlife experience facilitated by world-class DJ’s, exclusive events and premium cocktails from the city’s top mixologists.

& Company Resto Bar | Mississauga

Goat Cheese Bake & White Sangria

Drinks and appies are certainly the specialty at this unique Mississauga venue. My drink for the night consisted of a subtle White Sangria made with white wine, triple sec and fresh seasonal fruit. Light on the palate at first, with a light sweetness and a strong kick upon emptying the glass.

With it, and as recommended by our waitress, we ordered the Goat Cheese Bake. The appie comes with a sour cherry compote, candied walnuts and pecans accompanied by crostini. What I liked about this cheese dish is how the Chef let the goat cheese shine on its own, while plating the dish in a playful way that lets guests pick and choose their pairings and flavours.

& Company Resto Bar | Mississauga

Lobster Tacos

Next on the chopping board, quite literally since most dishes come served in one; were the Lobster Tacos. A delicious ensemble of garlic buttered lobster tails with pico de gallo, tomatillo salsa, shredded lettuce and cheddar cheese, served with sour cream and guacamole. Though I would have like the guac to be chunkier and tacos to come served on a soft shell, the key flavours of this dish hit the spot with us, especially as we found ourselves smiling with joy at the sight of large pieces of lobster that were fresh and buttery. Once again, letting the main ingredient of the dish shine as much as possible.

& Company Resto Bar | Mississauga

Grilled Lamb Chops

On the red meat front, & Company Resto Bar serves killer dijon-grilled lamb chops cooked to one’s liking, served with a hearty lamb-bacon ragout with frizzled shallots and a mint jus. Probably our favourite dish of the day. The lamb was tender and medium-rare, just the way it should be and the frizzled shallots where the best accompaniment with it giving the dish extra texture. Though the lamb was  served covered in the shallots, the meat was so well cooked and flavoured, that we didn’t mind digging through them to get the lamb. We were like kids opening a Christmas present.

& Company Resto Bar | Mississauga

Cajun Blackened Scallops

Our last appie for the night consisted of Cajun Blackened Scallops served on a bed of corn, pineapple and basil salsa. The salsa paired nicely with the scallop, accenting the sweetness of the corn while balancing the strong taste from the spice. Though we felt the scallops could have used less of the cajun mix, we still loved this dish and whipped the board clean.

Until next time Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

Venue: & Company Resto Bar
Specialty: Canadian/International
Location:  295 Enfield Place, Mississauga, Ontario
Menu items: Goat Cheese Bake, Lobster Tacos, Grilled Lamb Chops, Cajun Blackened Scallops & White Sangria

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