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And so we’ve arrived to the last section of this succulent anniversary edition on Toronto’s own St. Lawrence Market. After pointing you to the best produce, meats and cheese mongers at the market, we now close the loop on this edition with a review on where to eat at the market, for those times when you feel hungry while shopping, or when shopping is not even in the plans!

St. Lawrence market, contrary to common believe, is host to a number of vendors that sell home-made, ready-to-eat, quality food. My two favourite from the bunch are Buster’s Sea Cove and European Delight.
Buster’s Sea Cove is my go to spot for all seafood cravings. Known for its excellent fish sandwiches, fried fish, curly fries and homemade coleslaw; this family-owned location has made quite a name for itself. So much so, that they now roar the streets of Toronto and the GTA, on their own Food Truck.
Buster's Sea Cove - 1
When I arrive at Buster’s, I can not help but stare at all the fresh fish that is ready to be cooked and served to the crowds. From salmon, to halibut, swordfish and calamari, Buster’s Sea Cove knows a thing or two about what seafood should taste like. And don’t be fooled by the lineups…there is just a few minutes wait time and presto your food is ready!
Their crab cake sandwich is a must-order item.
Buster's Sea Cove - 7
Wrapped on a soft bun, the crab cakes are topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, greens and a special sauce. The cakes themselves, well they are a mystery! A bit of “je ne sais quoi” with a whole lotta taste, these cakes melt in your mouth and explode with flavour.
Next on the scale is the Grilled Swordfish with Curly Fries.
Buster's Sea Cove - 4
Really any grilled fish will be good at Buster’s, but this one tops the charts on the crowd favourites. Grilled to perfection and never over-cooked, the Swordfish is soft, tasty and juicy. And if fish perfection was not enough, Buster’s Sea Cove is also known for their crazy good curly fries. I can only imagine how many pounds of potatoes they must go through in a day.
From the Sea to Eastern Europe, I head straight to the lower level of the market in a tucked-away spot where Boris and Bella make a delight out of traditional Ukrainian dishes.


European Delight has been at the market for over 13 years serving home-made Ukrainian dishes. Most of the ingredients used are bought directly from other market vendors and the food is made daily on the premises. On any given day, you will find them cooking up delicious Cheese Crepes, Cabbage Rolls and Stews.
What they make the most of, and are the very best at, are the Pierogi.
From cheese and potato, to cabbage and meat, these fresh pockets of flavour are another one my vices, aside from my fave croissants at the market. Topped with home-made sour cream, the pierogi have a texture that is incomparable, even to my fellow polish favourite. I am not really sure what ingredients they use for the dough, but it almost feels as though they add a bit of saffron or similar spice to it. Either way, 6 of these guys will cost you a mere $2.50 and will taste like a million bucks.
To visit Buster’s Sea Cove and European Delight, see maps below. Both stores are open at regular market hours.


Vendor(s): Buster’s Sea Cove & European Delight
Specialty: Seafood and Home-made Ukrainian food
Location: St. Lawrence Market, see maps below
Reviewed: Crab Cake Sandwich, Grilled Swordfish, Cheese Crepe & Pierogi



Until next time Foodies!

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