St. Lawrence Market: Pizza & Pasta

St. Lawrence Pizza & Pasta

St. Lawrence Pizza & Pasta

For over 14 years, Aziz, owner of St. Lawrence Pizza & Pasta has been serving the Toronto crowds some of the freshest and tastiest pasta this city has to offer.

St. Lawrence Pizza & Pasta

Aziz – Owner of St. Lawrence Pizza & Pasta

Most Saturdays you will find Aziz making his famous spinach and ricotta ravioli on the side of his store-front. That’s right, all pasta is made fresh on the premises and ready to take home.

With a big smile on his face and a welcoming attitude, Aziz lures the crowds into buying what he is making as he continues hard at work with his ravioli.
Spinach Ravioli | St. Lawrence Market

Spinach Ravioli

This is how I came to know Aziz and his business. One early Saturday morning I saw him making the ravioli and decided to check out his pastas, the moment I got closer to his joint, he started chatting it up with me until I left with what is now my favourite pasta, the saffron linguini.
Linguini | St. Lawrence Market


At St. Lawrence Pizza & Pasta all pasta and pizza doughs are madeon site using pure semolina flour with no additives or preservatives. All homemade sauces and pestos are also made fresh and based on old family recipes.

From saffron, to spinach, basil, and even squid ink, you will find just about any kind of fresh pasta noodles to make for the whole family, including fresh pizza dough. Any pre-packaged bag of pasta or noodle will be re-packed based on your needs, so don’t be shy and ask Aziz for advice.


St. Lawrence Pizza & Pasta

Pasta assembly line

Prices are also fair once you dial in the quality and freshness of the pasta. To give you an idea, 1 pound of the Saffron linguini will cost $5.99 and this will easily serve 5 portions at the dinning table.


St. Lawrence Pizza & Pasta

Market Prices

Cannelloni, Ravioli and Tortellini are also crowd favourites. But to me, there is nothing like the linguini. You can tell these treats of joy have been made with love, for over a decade. To check this pasta and pizza joint, head to the upper level (see map below) in the South Market. They are open at regular market hours.

Vendor: St. Lawrence Pizza & Pasta
Specialty: Pasta & Pizza
Location: St. Lawrence Market, south Market (upper level)
Reviewed: Saffron Linguini & Spinach Ravioli


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