St. Lawrence Market: Manotas

The first spot of Foodies Inked anniversary edition has to be given to the wonderful merchant that makes the most exquisite guacamole, tortillas and salsas I have ever tried in Toronto. Introducing…Manotas Authentic Latin Foods!

Manotas | St. Lawrence Market

Manotas’ Owner (left) – Nancy Cinacibello

Owner Nancy from Colombia (yes, my peeps), has develop a unique value proposition for all Latin food lovers out there – healthy, organic eating and indulging of Latin foods. Manotas’ specialty is in the use of natural, organic, home-made authentic ingredients from Spain, Central and South America. Her take on food? Nothing is made to last longer than 2 weeks! Except that is if you get her imported items such as oils, saffron, dried chili peppers, and the like. Everything else comes fresh!

Nancy’s guacamole is her signature item and crowds round around her retail area to taste it! Some even for a second, third, and even fourth time!


Manotas | St. Lawrence Market

Fresh Guacamole

Most visitors never leave without their guacamole container and some others, like me, can’t resist to explore more of Manotas and take more home.
Manotas | St. Lawrence Market

Beans, Salsas and Cream

More usually means beans, cream and tortillas! All home-made, usually that same week, with natural ingredients.


Manotas | St. Lawrence Market

House-made tortilla chips

Nancy and company have a cooking spot in Mississauga where all the goods are prepared and then brought to St. Lawrence market throughout the week. Including their famous tortillas!
Items like Spanish Saffron
Manotas | St. Lawrence Market

Spanish Saffron

Or the traditional Mexican Cactus


Manotas | St. Lawrence Market

Dried cactuc

…are always available for purchase and guaranteed of the most quality. Although not made by Manotas, these are imported to also please the crowds that want a little bit of back-home in Toronto.
Manotas is my go-to place every Saturday I get to visit the market. If you want to find these ladies, see the map below, they are located on the South Market and are open at regular market hours.


Vendor: Manotas
Specialty:Authentic Latin Foods
Location: St. Lawrence Market, south Market (lower level) – see map below
Reviewed: Guacamole, Tortillas, Crema, Beans, Cactus & Saffron


Until next time Foodies!


Buen Provecho,

Foodies Inked.

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