St. Lawrence Market: Honey World


Right next to Manotas, is a little 3×3 store that sells the most delicious and tasty honey at St. Lawrence Market.


Owner, Oleg Konachenkov, has been selling honey from New Zealand, Ontario, Spain and France for 13 years at the market. Oleg will let you try any honey on display and will ensure your taste buds are well pleased before you buy.

The unique thing about this business is that as Oleg hands you a sample to taste, he also serves himself some, as though he is doing quality control on his honey every time you try it…it’s awesome.


My favourite three New Zealand honeys are the Tawari, Blackcurrant and Thyme flavours.


The Tawari honey is perfect for breakfast dishes like waffles and pancakes. Also drizzled over fresh banana makes the perfect dish. On the other hand, the Blackcurrant and Thyme flavours are great for seasoning meats such as chicken and turkey, I tried it myself on my honey-lemon chicken recipe and it was delish. Just talk to Oleg, he will give you options to try for the kind of dish or meal you want to use your honey for.

If you want to taste the sweetness of this spot, see map below. Honey World is located on the lower level of the South Market and open at regular market hours.

Vendor: Honey World
Location: St. Lawrence Market, south Market (lower level) – see map below
Reviewed: New Zealand Honey


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