5 Reasons To Visit Windsor Essex Right Now

5 Reasons to Visit Windsor Essex Right Now | Foodies Inked

Sunset at Point Peele

I will never forget my trip to Windsor Essex region. I will never forget the smell of lavender fields, of wine grapes harvesting on the side of the roads, of fresh corn, and the sweet smell of Lake Erie at sunset. Most importantly, I will always hold the memories of this region close to my heart, and will forever be grateful and in awe of my experience through the newly coveted region of Ontario Southwest. Come immerse yourself in the region, as I did one hot summer weekend. You don’t need many reasons to fall in love with this wonderful place, but if you must, these are the top 5 reasons (though I am probably missing another 55) to visit Windsor Essex right now:

1. The Distinctive Food Trends

5 Reasons to Visit Windsor Essex Right Now | Foodies Inked

Birdie’s Perch – The Busteraunt – Point Peele

Ever heard of a bustaraunt? Tucked on the shores of Lake Erie along Point Peele Drive is Birdie’s Perch, a bus and a restaurant, made from a unique 1965 Bristol Lodekka double-decker from the U.K., with a kitchen downstairs and dining upstairs. Birdie’s Perch offers a tasty menu serving local ingredients in the form of tacos, yellow perch, poutine and ice cream. With the kitchen bursting at the seams with tasty eats, and patrons lining up to try the region’s local icon, it’s hard to miss this spot and even more so, not to make it a stop when visiting Point Peele.

2. The Amazing Locally Grown Booze

5 Reasons to Visit Windsor Essex Right Now | Foodies Inked

The 22 Annual Vintage Tasting at Cooper’s Hawk Vineyard in Harrow, Ontario

From wineries, to distilleries and breweries, the entire region of Ontario Southwest is truly having a love affair with distilled and fermented beverages, without even knowing it. No other region in Ontario houses the most exquisite whisky, flavoured vodka and young wines, all within short distances from each other. Focusing on taste and craftsmanship, vineyards like Cooper’s Hawk – an estate winery located on 67 acres of land just east of Harrow, Ontario – harvest rich Pinot Noir and dry unoaked Chardonnay.

5 Reasons to Visit Windsor Essex Right Now | Foodies Inked

Woolfhead Distillery in Amherst Burg

And just 15 miles north is Woolfhead Distillery, the first premium craft micro-distillery of ultra-premium spirits, crafted using local ingredients, with a tasting room and a spirits-paired food menu.

3. The Up and Coming Boutique Hotels

5 Reasons to Visit Windsor Essex Right Now | Foodies Inked

The Grove Boutique Hotel in Kingsville, Ontario

After a full day of eating and drinking, there is no better way to rest and enjoy some well-deserved Z’s than The Grove, a recently-renovated boutique property with a fresh and modern take, in the beautiful Victorian town of Kingsville. With 18 themed-rooms, decorated with a fashionable and intriguing décor – like the Queen’s room, or the R&R room – The Grove delivers on its promise of making one’s stay as unique as the region. The mercury is unquestionably rising in Windsor Essex, where boutique hotels are the new “it girls” in town.

4. The Concealed History

Canadian Whisky at Canadian Club in Walkerville, Windsor, Ontario

Canadian Whisky at Canadian Club in Walkerville, Windsor, Ontario

Did you know Al Capone was a regular at Windsor’s own Canadian Club®? Historians reminisce the days of prohibition, when he smuggled in thousands of cases of Canadian Club via a route from Windsor to Detroit, courtesy of Hiram Walker, a successful grain merchant and most notably known as the founder of the Canadian Club in 1858, maker of premium Canadian Whisky 100% from single grain rye. Visit Walkerville and peek into the brewing history from the late 1800’s to today with a personalized tour of the town.

5. The People, The People, The People. 

5 Reasons to Visit Windsor Essex Right Now | Foodies Inked

Our own Bourbon prohibition at The Willistead. #BourbonAngels

Canadians, being nice, and polite, and anything but confrontationalIt’s one of the few things that seem to define our national character. And that’s especially true if you travel to Ontario Southwest. Perhaps it’s because the southern tip of the region dips onto the same latitudinal plain as Northern California, or simply because the people are as cool as the lake-breeze. Whichever the reason, the Windsor Essex county folks are nothing short of extraordinary.

Until next time Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

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