Dîner en Blanc Toronto

Words can’t describe what this event meant for Torontonians. Rain or shine, crowds from all over the Greater Toronto Area, dressed in white from head to toe, flocked to an iconic Toronto landmark for a fabulous 1,400 people chic picnic, known by all of us now as the famous Dîner en Blanc.

Brought to us by fellow Parisians, Le Dîner en Blanc is an international foodie event, and party, that brings people together for a unique experience. From Spain to Singapore, and now Canada, this event has acquired fame like no other. By making the event “invite only” and keeping the location of the event secret, to everybody, including us media, Dîner en Blanc became the most coveted event this summer and one that we will all remember.


An hour prior to starting the event, guests were notified of the location. This year, the chosen place was hertiage site Fort York. As guests started to make their way into Fort York, with chairs, tables, food and linens on hand…oh and of course white umbrellas! It was then and there I realized how important and how big of a deal Dîner en Blanc was.


Dîner en Blanc is not just another event; it’s an event for Toronto by Torontonians. What a neat concept! To have crowds get together, dress all in elegant white, share an exquisite meal, enjoy a fun night and why not, meet some new faces, is spectacular.

There was dedication and thought from every angle possible. In the fashion, the ambiance and location, the food, and even the music and dancing…

A night of enchantment, glamour, glitz and delicious food is how I would describe this event.
When I interviewed Jessica Tan, one of the 3 event organizers and pioneers of Dîner en Blanc Toronto, I asked her if she ever imagined this event to be as successufl as it turned out to be, her answer – “why not!? look around you, this is what people came here for..how often do you see over a thousand people in one place, dressed in white, at night, having fun, eating and partying?” My answer to her – never!

And party we did!

A special thanks to my partners in crime for this event – photographer and friend, Samira Hafezi; fellow Zoetic Epics foodie friends, Joie and Mark; and point of contact for all PR and event details, Tys van der Drift  from the Mint Agency.


The theme: Diner en Blanc Toronto - August 9, 2012
The highlight: The Party
The goodies: Everything from cakes, wine, lobster, sushi, pasta and even trios


Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

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  1. Anonymous August 15, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    Wow amazing event! loved the description and the pics! felt like I was there!


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