The Waffle Bar (Closed)

The Waffle Bar Toronto

The new gem in town, The Waffle Bar, is opening its doors to the public at exactly noon time tomorrow July 15, 2012. For the first time in Toronto, an authentic Belgian style waffle shop has hit the streets of our beloved city with the promise of offering some of the best delicacies from the old country.

The Waffle Bar Toronto

Belgian style mini-waffles

Just dough it! I believe should be one of The Waffle Bar’s taglines. The uniqueness of their waffles is what makes this little spot hidden in the far east of The Beaches worth a trip. I was privileged to attend the store’s pre-opening event and speak to one of the partners about what makes this place unique. In a nutshell their flavour and hopefully soon to be success is based on three key ingredients – the waffles are made with dough, not batter; they use pearl sugar imported straight from Belgium and all doughy delicacies are made with butter, never margarine or oil. Very tasty, very unique.

The Waffle Bar Toronto

Now, let’s talk about this pearl sugar the owners speak of, which in my mind is la pièce de resistance. Pearl sugar is often used in Belgian waffles from the region of Liège. It’s a product of refined white sugar. The sugar is very coarse, hard, opaque white, and does not melt at temperatures typically used for baking. In artisan gourmet waffles like the ones from The Waffle Bar, the sugar is so present in the consistency and texture of the waffle that one can feel, on rare occasions, as you chew the waffle, a bit of the crunchiness that still resides from the pearl sugar. One lucky bite like that will have you craving for them for weeks to come!

When I visited the store, the owners treated us to one of their big menu items, the Berry Medley with whipped cream.

The Waffle Bar Toronto

Berry Medley with whipped cream

This was a simple mini-waffle covered in a what seemed like a blackberry/raspberry sauce and then topped with whipped cream and dusting sugar. Accompanying this, was another waffle covered in salted caramel and milk chocolate. Both were tasty, melt in your mouth goodness.

To also showcase some of the varieties of their waffle dough, we were treated to a delicious Belgian Style Beignet.

The Waffle Bar Toronto

Belgian Style Beignet

This by far, was my favourite indulgence. Decandence is the word I would use to describe this beautiful ball of ooey-gooey fried dough covered in sugar. I mean, what’s not to like?

And if beignets were not enough, The Waffle Bar also offers ice-cream on waffle cones, known on the menu as Waffle ice-cream sliders.

The Waffle Bar Toronto

Waffle ice-cream sliders

The cones were tasty and had the proper sugar balance. The ice-cream though, stole the show. With options like Toasted Marshmallows and Lemon Meringue, the ice-cream at The Waffle Bar was nothing short of spectacular and delicious. From what I understood, the ice-cream actually comes from Greg’s ice-cream. So even though it’s not made on the premises, you are guaranteed an icy treat that would taste as awesome as the waffles do.

The Waffle Bar Toronto

Until next time Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

Dining Experience: Dessert
Specialty: Waffles
Location: 281 Scarborough Road, Toronto, ON
Menu items: Berry Medley with whipped cream, Belgian style Beignets & Waffle ice-cream sliders

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