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Shockingly Healthy Brownies | Toronto

Calling all Moms, health enthusiasts and food lovers. A new sweet, delicious and nutritious treat has been hitting the streets of Toronto, and I bet you did not even know!

These are not your average flourless or reduced fat brownies. These are Shockingly HealthyTM brownies that are wholesome, nutritious and finger-licking good.

It was not long ago that Lauren Breuer, a Holistic Nutrition graduate and former Personal Trainer, found herself in the kitchen questioning why large amounts of calorie intake in processed foods, was necessary to make something sweet taste good. It was then and there, in her kitchen, that she found herself constantly developing her own recipes, testing and tasting wholesome ideas to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Shockingly Healthy Brownies | Toronto

After perfecting her craft, Lauren started to share her recipes with family and friends through her food blog. And it did not take long for her readers to ask her to develop her recipes into a product they could buy. The seed got planted in Lauren’s head and that’s how her Shockingly Healthy treats came to life.

So what is so shockingly good and nutritious about these tasty treats? The answer – chickpeas. This is Lauren’s main secret ingredient and the best part, you do not even taste them! With it, dates, coconut oil, flax seeds and tapioca also join the healthy party. To prove this point, Lauren kindly sent me a batch of these goodies for a taste. At which point, I decided I would taste-test on a friend whose food preferences tend to gravitate to the processed and unhealthy kind, and who would not dare put a chickpea in his mouth. The result – me finding him indulging in the double chocolate brownies and asking where I got them. To me, Lauren’s approach not only passed the taste-test, but also reinforced how our perceptions of food and what healthy tends to taste like, are often misconceived.

Shockingly Healthy Brownies | Toronto

Lauren’s passion started with brownies and continues to be all about that one, sweet and decadent “brownie”. However her mind travels faster than her taste buds and Lauren is now perfecting “the cookie”. And I can not wait to see what else she will put her mind and baking hands to next.

To get a taste for these delicious treats, visit and take advantage of a sweet Holiday special to save 50% off the retail cost! Hurry up, this promo ends November 30, 2013. Delivery days: December 6, 13 and 20th.

Want to try some brownies now? Follow this link to view a full list of Toronto coffee and retail shops offering Shockingly Healthy treats – .

Until next time Foodies!

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