Prairie Girl Bakery

What if you could live life one cupcake at a time? Wouldn’t that be a sweet life to live? It certainly is, and its definitely how the popular cupcake shop, Prairie Girl Bakery, advises their customers to indulge in their delicious and sweet treats.

With almost no competition within five miles of each store – they have two locations in the downtown core, and one opening soon in Yorkville – Prairie Girl Bakery fundamentally believes that cupcakes should bring us joy in a way that is not only sweet and tasty, but also healthy and safe. Their creations only contain butter (no shortening), are free of preservatives, lard and artificial flavours, and are sold on the same day they are made. Any unsold treats are sent to Second Harvest, an organization that helps feed the hungry by picking up and preparing excess fresh food from restaurants around Toronto and delivering it to local social service agencies.

PGB creates cupcakes that have that perfect moisture level, a nice sweet balance and a smooth-silky icing. My favourite so far, the banana chocolate. You can taste the natural banana in the cupcake, and it is perfectly smothered with a layer of chocolate cream cheese icing that just melts in your mouth at first bite.

With close to 17 cupcake flavours to choose from each week, The Prairie Girl herself, owner Jean Blacklock, brings Torontonians a story of taste, flavour and homemade recipes from her family’s Saskatchewan farm where she first discovered her passion for baking. Her recipes, in partnership with Head Baker Andrea Ascione, are derived from the “basics” that people love (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and some traditional flavours like lemon) and also include more trendy flavours like red velvet, carrot and banana.  Their Treats of the Week bring innovation and “zing” to cupcakes, with flavours like peanut butter and jam on vanilla or cafe au lait on chocolate. Now that’s a way to treat yourself, one cupcake at a time!

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Venue: Prairie Girl Bakery
Specialty: Cupcakes
Location: 18 Kind Street East, Toronto, Ontario
Tested Flavours: Vanilla Coconut, Chocolate-Chocolate, Vanilla Strawberry, Chocolate Vanilla, Red Velvet Cream Cheese and Banana Chocolate

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