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Pen-to-paper and then off to testing is how Nadège makes scrumptious chocolate confections. Her recently opened Rosedale concept is a boutique filled with chocolates and pastries for the take-out/gifting customer.

With a goal to create close to 16 flavours of truffles by end of season, this boutique store is in charge of producing all chocolate concoctions for this and their Queen West flagship. While their Queen West location will continue to focus on pastries and vienoisseries, the new Rosedale location is the test ground where temperatures of a rather cooler kitchen allow for inspiration and preservation of the chocolates.

Nadège differentiates itself from fellow competitors, such as MoRoCo Chocolat, by using good quality ingredients. All truffles are made with Valrhona chocolate, an artisan chocolate producer from the region of Rhonein France, and are paired with unique ingredients that are either locally sourced or imported from places like Iran, the US or Europe.

Like their pistachio chocolate truffle, a tasty combination of pistachios brought straight from Iran, known for producing the best pistachios in the world, mixed with dark chocolate ganache.

Or their rare and yet flavour-packed Roquefort and dark chocolate truffles. Made with blue cheese from France, dark chocolate and Grand Cru, the highest level denomination of grapes from the region of Alsace or Burgundy. With a very pronounced yet subtle cheese flavour, this chocolate had a nice sweet-to-savory balance.

My favourite two from the pack ought to be the passion fruit with milk chocolate and the almond-praline with dark chocolate. The passion fruit had a nice sour taste balanced off with the creamy richness of the milk chocolate and perfect marriage of Grand Cru. On the other hand, the Almond-Praline truffles had nutty notes coupled with a rich texture from the dark chocolate ganache. Worth noting that the almonds used in this truffle are brought from California, known also as the best producer of almonds in the world.

In addition to the perfect tiny chocolate creations, Nadège is now exploring the alphabet by bringing to store high-quality chocolate bar flavours inspired by distinct world ingredients. Like the “V” which uses Venezuelan cacao or the “T”, which uses Thé Vert (green tea).

Beyond taste, Nadège’s unique eye for creation and design comes full circle with their integrated concept into every store sign, label, chocolate painted top and even their website. Ever wondered what the square, triangle and circle mean? They are symbols that represent the store’s main product pillars – Square for chocolates, Circle for macarons and Triangle for croissants. 

Foodie Tip - Nadègewill launch its online store December 2012, just in time for the holidays!Until next time Foodies!

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Dining Experience: All About Chocolates
Venue: Nadège
Specialty: Desserts, Chocolates, Macarons
Location: 1099 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario
Chocolates: Almond-praline & dark chocolate, passion fruit and milk chocolate, pistachio & dark chocolate and Roquefort cheese & dark chocolate truffles

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