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Moroco Chocolat Toronto


I have to confess, I was a bit hesitant to review MoRoCo Chocolat on the blog given feedback from fellow bloggers stating disappointing customer experiences. Furthermore, I myself am not impressed with their selection of savory dishes. That said, I do find their desserts glorifying, their decor superb and thankfully have not had a bad service, yet. So today, I will only comment on the sweets and the ambiance, which made MoRoCo worthy of a post.

MoRoCo is a cute, high-end cocoa bar located in the affluent Yorkville area. To get to the restaurant, you first have to get through their chocolate boutique. The boutique works as a separate retail space featuring truffles, chocolates, macaroons and all other kinds of delicious chocolaty treats, including at times ice-cream. This is my favourite part of the place, it’s like an appetite opening room that gets you ready for what its about to come!

When you enter the restaurant, you feel like you’ve just entered the set of a Marie-Antoinette movie. The decor is Louis XVI époque meets Yorkville.
Moroco Chocolat Toronto

Inside decor

The end result? Comfy purple velvet chairs and sofas, crystal chandeliers, luxurious wall mirrors and over-the-top decoration, such as this…
Moroco Chocolat Toronto


The desserts? Well, these are just like the decor. Decadent, luxurious and over-the-top. The Melteaser is a clear representation of that.
Moroco Chocolat Toronto

The Melteaser

The Melteaser is a ball-shaped cocoa shell filled with frozen yogurt and berries,  and it also comes with a little pot of hot chocolate. If I didn’t know better, I could have easily thought this was their version of a kinder egg and that a surprise would be there once I cracked it. Little did I know I was in for an even greater treat.
Moroco Chocolat Toronto

The Melteaser

The purpose of the hot chocolate is to use it to melt the top of the shell. As one pours it, the top of the shell starts melting and the goodies inside start to take form. Because the frozen yogurt, is well, frozen, this hot sauciness also aids to defrost it faster. After that, it is just you and a spoon on the journey…to chocolate heaven!

Obligatory notation about the dessert: it’s luxurious not only because of price ($18), but because the Chef decided to seat the Cocoa shell on what looked like pearls; which are just candy covered style rice cake balls. Like I said, MoRoCo goes all out.
So now that I am all Wrapped Up! in their desserts (pun intended), I can not help but continue to taste some more. 
Moroco Chocolat Toronto

Wrapped Up!

Once again, over-the-top and good! I was particularly impressed with the All Wrapped Up! dessert mainly because I am not a cheesecake fan, especially if it does not have chocolate in it. However, this version just did it for me. As MoRoCo puts it -“Imagine a place where caramel cheesecake is all wrapped up in a crunchy buttery phyllo, served warm and finished with caramelized apples.” SOLD!
MoRoCo also offers great tea variety, and to their favour, they serve tea the proper way. Letting the leaves sit and settle on the hot pot and then letting you pour your tea in small amounts to your cup, straining the leaves as you pour. With the tea set they bring, they give you a plate to dispose of the leaves. Accompanied with a macaroon, tea is yet another exclusive experience at this cocoa bar.
Moroco Chocolat Toronto


Until next time Foodies!
Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

Dining Experience: Dinner
Specialty: Desserts
Location: 99 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, ON 
Menu items: The Melteaser and All Wrapped Up!

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  1. Teena in Toronto March 29, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    I was just there a couple weeks ago for brunch … yummy banana pancakes!


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