Chococrepe (Closed)

Chococrepe | Toronto

Chococrepe is a Queen street gem indexing high on the crepe trend. From sweets to salty, they serve some of the most delectable crepe ensembles this city has to offer.

The venue is small but cozy and seats about 15 people. With a modern yet traditional decor, Chococrepe brings a bit of that French je ne sais quoi to the Toronto downtown core. The staff is super friendly and welcoming and their food speaks more than a thousand words.

Chococrepe | Toronto

Ranging from sweet to salty, their dessert crepes knocked my socks off with a delectable selection of fruits, Valrhona chocolate and home-made whipped cream. Right off the bat, their choice of chocolate is one of  the best parts of their desserts. Valhrona chocolate is widely used across many French-inspired patisseries in the city such as Nadege, and its kown for its high density, rich taste and high quality.

The folks at Chococrepe enhance the chocolate flavour by adding different milk components to the Valhrona offering and therefore outputting 3 kinds of sauces to accompany your sweet journey: dark, milk or white chocolate.

Chococrepe | Toronto

The crepes are made to order and are super soft with a canary yellow surface evenly dimpled with pale gold. Its edges are as frilly as old French lace. And its texture is spongy, yet smooth. The crepes are so delicate you can barely pick them up. They are the perfect crepes.

Chococrepe | Toronto


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Venue: Chococrepe
Specialty: Crepes
Location:  620 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario
Menu items: Tropical, Berry Choco & Berry Banana

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