Nigella Lawson does Toronto

The queen of food porn made her way into the Toronto scene last Monday to promote the launch of her new cookbook, Nigellisima, as well as unveil the new Chatelaine Magazine Kitchen Studio. Media and Chatelaine staff gathered in a private event to showcase the beautiful, state-of-the-art kitchen, powered by GE Cafe.

Nigella made quite the appearance as she entered the studio kitchen accompanied by the magazine editors and publicists. Luckily for me, I snagged a spot close to the kitchen counter where Nigella talked about her inspiration for her new recipe book. As she lured the crowd with her British accent, extreme poise and wittiness, she shared facts from her personal life as a food expert and celebrity cook. She eloquently told us that Vermouth is her new favourite ingredient in the kitchen given its preservation and easy-access attributes. Her can’t live without pantry items are lemons and lemon zest and having good salt is incredibly important to make any meal a success. In the matter of making Nigella’s life easier in the kitchen so she can spend more time with her kids, garlic oil seems to be her best friend these days; and speaking of her kids, she declares that without bacon in the house her kids would just move out.

Though Nigella’s charms lightly showed off at this event, one question from the press definitely led her “Nigellaism” come out. When asked if she thought food was a way to a man’s heart, she paused, pursed her lips and said “knowing that there are some children in the audience, let’s just say my advice is to aim a little lower”. I was pleased to see the Nigella we have come to love and known, even in the most family-friendly circumstances, always manages to wittily shine.

Throughout the event, servers walked around with bite-size dishes from Nigellissima. The two that stood out the most in taste and texture were the shortcut sausage meatballs, a simplified way of making meatballs using the stuffing from Italian sausages, and the struffoli, small dough balls that are deep fried and rolled in honey, then drizzled with sprinkles.

A special thanks to Louise Leger, Senior Publicist for Rogers Communications, for inviting me to the event and my Chatelaine food lover friends and food editors, Carolyn Chua and Irene Ngo, for snagging my money shot with the queen of food porn.

Until next time Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.



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