Jamie Oliver revolutionizes Toronto

Jamie Oliver in Toronto

Jamie Oliver visits Toronto

Just two weeks ago I was prepping for the event of the season, Jamie Oliver was visiting Toronto to kick-off his mission to help Canadians eat better, waste less and save more. And I will be meeting him for the first time at the Chatelaine Magazine Kitchen Studio for a 1:1 with bloggers and media.

To most of us, Jamie Oliver is more than a Food Network celebrity, he is a super star chef that has been inspiring North Americans, especially children, to learn how to eat healthy and educate us on the dramatic impact that fast foods have in our bodies and overall health. He’s been doing this by teaching us how to shop, cook and eat our food and how to best pair meals and ingredients. I myself, have embraced his Food Revolution, and hold it dear to my heart.

At the afternoon event that took place on October 7, 2013, Jamie Oliver made a fantastic first impression…

Jamie went on about why, Save with Jamie, his new recipe cookbook, took him almost 2 years to complete. He wanted to create a cookbook that went beyond a healthier way of eating. Creating something that will also be very relevant to families that were cooking on a budget was very important, stating that healthy does not always have to mean expensive.

Jamie Oliver in Toronto

Jamie on Save with Jamie

On Save with Jamie, Jamie Oliver wanted to play a larger role on helping families identify how not to waste food. He shared with us that researched shows that the average family in the US throws away around $1,600 worth of food and drink in a year. And to this, Jamie feels there is definitely more we can do to make the food we buy go further.

He also spoke about one of his biggest challenges while filming in the US, helping a rural town in West Virginia shape their eating habits.

He ended our chat by stating that Save with Jamie was just the beginning of a larger task at hand – change up food buying habits. Jamie asked that if we embraced this, we can help him push harder for more options and healthier food items at the grocery stores, something that large retail chain Sobeys is already partnering with Jamie on.

The event ended with Jamie telling us that the biggest luxury in the planet was knowing how to cook. Which I couldn’t agree more with. And I myself left with an awesome goodie bag courtesy of my friends at Chatelaine Magazine.

Jamie Oliver in Toronto

Goodie Bag from Chatelaine Magazine

Until next time Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

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