Burger Quest: The Burger’s Priest

Burger's Priest Toronto

Burger’s Priest Queen East location

Yes, the talk of town has finally made it on my Burger Quest list!  The line-ups, overwhelming crowds, comfort food smell and juicy back-to-basics burgers, is what’s making The Burger’s Priest the hottest and most popular burger place in Toronto.
To best describe the Priest’s burger selection, I will simply break it down for you…lettuce, onions, tomatoes, processed cheese, ketchup, beef pattie.


Burger's Priest Toronto

The Vatican

When I arrived at the Burger’s Priest on a Saturday afternoon, I came with an illusion of having one of the best burger experiences. My illusion quickly turned into extreme happiness, when I realized two things; one, they have a “secret menu” that only gets published on their Facebook page, not a super secret, but cool nonetheless. And two, the burgers are just simple American style burgers. There are no added crazy ingredients like what you would have at the Yellow Griffin, or the need for fancy ingredients like John’s Burger at Marben.
What you get instead is a juicy custom blend of ultra premium beef, ground up multiple times at the premises, with a ton of flavour and a perfect grilling technique. I am not quite sure how to best describe this buttery and tasty burger; but I can tell you this much – it is by far the BEST simple American burger I have ever had. Amen!
Burger's Priest Toronto

A bite of the Vatican

The Vatican burger was my selection for the day and in my mind one of the tastiest burgers on their menu, or secret menu I should say. What I liked about it is the fact that the Priest added another American tradition to this burger – Grilled Cheese. Instead of having just bread, they made it a grilled cheese, top and bottom! Now that deserves a Hail Mary right there!
But my praying did not stop there. As if I hadn’t have enough greasy goodness for the day, I decided to also treat myself to the Chili Cheese Fries. I mean, after all, I need to ensure my fellow foodies get to read a great review.
Burger's Priest Toronto

Chili Cheese Fries

The fries are plain and good; crunchy and just cooked right. The Chili Cheese sauce, well that my friends is another big hit at this joint. In my mind the chili cheese fries, and to put it in fancy terms, are a deconstructed version of the burger, with the fries just replacing the bread. Simple, tasty…amazing! 
Foodies Must-Know: 
1. Burger’s Priest Queen East location just does take out; their North York location offers some seat-in options
2. Burger’s Priest only takes cash 
3. You can call ahead to order for pick-up
Until next time Foodies!
Buen Provecho,

Foodies Inked.

Dining Experience: Lunch
Specialty:Classic AmericanBurgers
Location: 1636 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON
(Opening Soon – Yonge/Lawrence)
Menu items: The Vatican with Chili Cheese Fries


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4 Responses to Burger Quest: The Burger’s Priest

  1. Foodies Inked May 17, 2012 at 3:47 am

    Thanks Cameron! I’ve been to Allen’s. Really like their mussels, just have not tried the burgers. Its been noted :)

  2. Anonymous May 14, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    I haven’t been to BP yet, but you should check out Allen’s on the Danforth for a great burger quest. The burgers are ground on premises, so you can get it cooked to your desired temperature. Here’s what I suggest: medium rare, with swiss cheese and peameal bacon.

    Make sure to go in the summer and sit in the back patio. You’ll love it.


  3. Anonymous December 6, 2011 at 4:49 am

    North York? :(

    They need to bring the next location downtown.

  4. moo November 30, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    Add “with smoke” if you can handle a bit of heat .. the extra crunch from the panko-batter and the heat from the jalapeno adds extra texture and heat without changing the flavour!


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