Anniversary Edition: BF Bakers (Closed)

From my Top 5 Latin American bakeries, BF Bakers gets number one spot in my heart.

BF Bakers brings me back to my younger years growing up in Colombia. Growing up knowing that when going to your neighborhood bakery, your mom would have endless hours of conversation, people would come and go to get their baked goods, and you would get to eat many Pandebonos, Empanadas and maybe even Alfajores, while the “tertulia” was going on. It brought memories of all the warmth you experience while eating your food, getting to know the people and leaving afterwards with the smell of fresh baked goods on you. Memories that will forever carry on with me.

Bagel Flame

How BF Bakers made me reminiscence this part of my life, was as a result of the lovely couple who own this bakery. Owners Saul Schimjawicz and Adriana de Francisco speak of baking as one’s transformation of energy via the making of delicious baked goods. This eloquent couple will lure you into their store with wide-open smiles and their unique offering of gluten-free and organic products that you will not find in any other Latin bakery. Both Canadian and Latin crowds cannot get enough of their Pandebono, made with fresh white cheese, corn flour and tapioca flour, Pan de Yucca (cassava bread) and just about any kind of “Pan” you can think of.

Not only have they mastered the unique and yet complex way of making a pandebono, but they have also hit high marks with their empanadas. In re-creating this delicious deep-fried corn patties stuffed with meat and potato, owner Adriana decided to create her own version of guacamole as dipping sauce, to please all crowds. And if I may add, this by far is the best “gauc” I have had in the Greater Toronto Area…I guess BF’s guac has officially kicked to the curve my little old-time favourite guacamole from El Trompo in Kensington market.

Bagel Flame

Now on to the sweet treats, with a huge popularity in the Latin world, and many countries making their own version of it, I present to you – Alfajores

Bagel Flame

Alfajores are simple cookie-type goodies made of corn starch, filled with Dulce de Leche (caramel) in the centre and dusted off with powder sugar. When you eat an Alfajor, whether Colombian, Argentinian or Chilean, you know you are in for a messy treat. The dusty sugar will soon be all over your face, hair (if you are not careful) and hands. I recommend you eat these just like that – getting messy. Alfajores bring me once again back to my childhood memories, when decisions had to be made between eating these ooey-gooey treats or spending some time cleaning afterwards, the former would always somehow win.

With the smell of baked goods on me, I leave BF Bakerswith a big smile on my face and the promise to both Saul and Adriana to come back. Moreover, I leave with a lot more than I came in with, this consisted of: more baked goods on hand to take home (I just had to), new great people I’ve met, tons of stories shared and the realization that one’s childhood lives forever within one’s heart. So thank you BF Bakers for making my experience at your bakery one to remember.

Foodie Tip: BF Bakers only bakes Colombian goods on weekends. 

Until our next Latin Bakery Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.

Venue: BF Bakers
Specialty:Colombian and Canadian baked goods
Location: 126 Wellington St W, Aurora, Ontario, (905) 841-8766
Reviewed: Pandebonos, Empanadas and Alfajores

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