Anniversary Edition: Antojitos Bakery


Antojitos Mississauga

“Craving” is the English name of this fairly new Colombian bakery. With just shy of 4 years of having opened its doors in Mississauga, Antojitos gets thumbs up for its fantastic re-creation of Arepa de Choclo, as well as their Palo de Queso (cheese stick), a pastry made with flour and filled with fresh white cheese…like your typical cheesy bread, but with a hint of Colombian.

Antojitos Mississauga

Colombians are known for coffee as much as they are for baked goods. In my first Foodies Inked Anniversary Edition post, I will be sharing the nuances of our Latin culture in baked goods as well as the influence of Colombian bakeries in the Greater Toronto Area. Though not all bakeries I will review are Colombian, I can tell you this much – we have the most bakeries throughout the city. Not sure why as we are not a majority within Latinos in Toronto, but I guess us Colombians can not live without our baked goods.

Antojitos Mississauga

And one baked good that characterizes us is the famous Roscon. This delicious sweet bread, in the shape of a doughnut, is filled with either Arequipe (caramel) or Guava (like yam) and sprinkled with sugar. How the sugar sticks to bread? Butter baby! 

My recommend would be that you pair this sweet treat with a nice cup of hot chocolate. The filling is not runny, which makes this pairing a delight.

Antojitos Mississauga

Speaking of Arequipe, another winner from Antojitos is their Milhoja de Arequipe. Milhojas translates to “thousand leaves cake”. It is basically puff pastry layers filled with pastry cream (aka condensed milk) and topped and layered with Arequipe (caramel). As simple as it sounds, the proper way to make this cake is layer by layer and from scratch. The condensed milk ought to be freshly made the same day and the pastry must not sit more than a day out. From what I hear, this pastry is a hit with fellow Argentinians and Mexicans.

In addition to offering breads and pastries, Antojitos also specialize in traditional Colombian food made fresh and in limited quantities on weekends only. So head on early and with an empty stomach, because once you go in, you will want to take it all home.

Until our next Latin Bakery Foodies!

Buen Provecho,
Foodies Inked.


Specialty:Colombian Baked Goods
Location: 803 Lakeshore Rd. East, Mississauga, ON  905-274-2222
Reviewed: Cheese Sticks, Roscon and Milhojas de Arequipe

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